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Warn that our sand lizard is not very nimble. There are more bright. But her achievements are impressive: the running speed of this tiny sprinters eight meters per second, nearly thirty miles an hour! Rushing it is not straight - it is more difficult hurdles: turn-by-turn, turn for turn. And not on a cinder track, and sand, which for a small runner for us cobblestone. Well, I praised the lizard, and she and kilometers will not run - you will get tired about twenty yards.

But in other types of athletics success is obvious: four-legged midgets and liliputki in the height of the jump 40 inches, length - 60 (though small hill). Have tailed and male sports. For example, the struggle. Without it, not find out who lizards higher rank and who must give way; without a struggle not to decide and family Affairs - not to get a girlfriend. The fight stops when a stubborn opponent is knocked over on your back, put on the blades. But some tailed athletes, angry, break the rules: grab the teeth of the enemy for the jaw and roll from side to side with his eyes closed, while the losers will not give heels.

Swimming among reptiles, perhaps, is more popular among females. It is clear - they can swim easier, they are thicker than males. Swimming style - serpentine, with a range of races - ten meters. More on may. Tired. Swimming is impossible to do even after the well-healed injury - lizards with autocamionale dropped tails immediately sink. With the new poor tail and running not succeed: it is difficult to lay the turns. L does the new mountaineering, climbing trees?

Athletes people tempered, but hardening ordinary lizards beyond all imagination. Here is one of incredible treatments. In 1973, under the Karaganda biologists Century A. Yablokov, A. C. walecki seen as nimble creatures in ten degrees below zero weather (slightly warmed April sun) was worn in the snow. Awesome! After all, science has firmly established: temperature of 4.9° lizards commit suicide. Science still firmly established that cold-blooded creatures in frost can barely move, if the difference between body temperature and air is 30°. And then running through the snow. So, there are still unknown to us some chemical processes, allowing the sand lizard to get warm inside of his calf. Maybe our common lizard is really extraordinary? Maybe it's not so cold-blooded as thought?

Unfortunately, usually not so much snow, even in summer rain for it is a serious hindrance. Let's reopen the volume of Pavel Petrovich Bazhov. "'s running lizards. And flashed on the grass, as smooth play. Also, you can see, fun in the sun. Stared at them Andryukha and did not notice how the cloud has arrived. Saparavalo, and lizards at once hid... Was raining again, lizards appeared. Here and there poking about and withered all. Well, he is cold it became. By evening, so the sun really not the power. Andryukha here and thought, "this would be the same. Stuck under a stone - here you and the house."

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