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Let's go back to our ordinary lizard, the more that it is not all clear. Take the third eye. However, the three-eyed not only reptiles - the remains of the parietal eye is with you and me is the so - called pineal gland, weight 0.1-0.2 grams. The man third eye hidden inside the skull, and lizard lies directly under the skin. The scales covering his form on the head light spot. According to the structure of the parietal eye is very similar to the normal eye. Imagine that the yastcheritsyn third eye sees - sends to the brain information about light waves.

In General, this eye - of-all-trades master. Recently learned that he produces hormones and vitamin D. it is also known that it accurately measures the temperature of the air to a small cold-blooded creature not frozen or has not overheated in the sun. When the third eye says that it is hot, lizard falls on his stomach for a few minutes raises legs and tail, shakes his head and blinks. Not whether such manipulation to figure out what to do next? Isn't it time to hide in the shadow, to climb a tree to Abdula breeze, or you can still stay in the sun?

Experimenters find new functions. It is quite possible that this extraordinary eyes and is a container of the so-called "seventh sense".

With feelings of the lucky lizard. For example, the olfactory lobe occupy one fifth of the length of the brain! However, not only in the size of the case: its scent is remarkable in that it can analyze smells a lot of time later. For example, acute morning forked tongue captured particles of some substance and sent them into the recess in the sky, in the so-called jacobsonís organ, where the chemical laboratory. Analysis there can be done immediately or in the lunch break." If we were to have such a property, we could advance to smell the lilies or violets.

If you look the lizard in his mouth small, slightly crooked teeth. They will not Pogues they are made to hold prey.

Inside lizards too many peculiar. Tiny, weighing 0.04 gram heart. (Triangular liver ten times harder, it is more massive than all of the internal organs.) When the temperature falls one degree it slows down the rhythm on beats per minute. Heart drives blood, and she carries the elixir of life - oxygen. Now, before hibernating lizards it doesn't satisfy - consume more oxygen than in summer.

And now came the turn and up the holes on the thighs. About the expert opinions were divided. And, forgive readers, again to quote. In the collective monograph 1976 "Sand lizard" about the holes says: "On the inner thighs is the number of scales, having in the middle of the hole from which to extract the column dead skin cells. These scales are called femoral pores... the Purpose of femoral pores are still exactly is not clear, but a number of them are specific to species and sex."

Let's come up with the above. From the quote, it follows that the holes gape at the hips dinosaurs, if you can call it that males and Amarok, if the so-called females. In addition, it follows that they are permanent. About the same, why and when are columns of cells and what happens to them, this book does not say.

Another solid work posts are only lizards and only during the breeding season. Moreover, it is said that the holes on the thighs not distinguish dead cells, and the secret. In the third book something like an average point of view. Here and try to figure it out...

But let the right search specialists, and they take a closer look at the life of lizards. The more that her life a lot of fun.

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