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Now let us pay attention to the yastcheritsyn brittle tail, parietal eye and strange holes on the thighs.

First of all note that nimble create a vain tails do not rush. Anyway, the tail is not such a fragile structure, as many people think. In order to detach from the dead lizards, it is necessary to apply a force in 25 times more than she weighs herself. In captivity, quickly accustomed to humans, lizards allow itself to take in hand - don't bite and tail are left to themselves.

When clipped part of the body - not without blood. And lizard cost: muscles are torn in the place of their transition into the tendon. Blood same blood vessels squeezes spasm. The tail of his mistress, for a long time it is attracting the attention of the predator. The power cut off and it seems dead tail is impressive - he can twitch for hours!

Where it's easy to hide from his pursuers, the number of individuals who had to part with the tail low. For example, in a wooded Ivanovo and Gorky areas hardships forced to drop the tail is about one individual in ten. And in the Crimea, they are forced to mutilate themselves four times more often. Among affected more females than males. Really the weaker sex is weak and on the tail?

If the enemy's teeth will bite into the tail, the lizard dramatically shortens the muscles and breaks the vertebra. To break a bone is not trivial. And need to break instantly, otherwise the teeth of the pursuer, not only will be the tail. Here comes to the rescue of the evolution: torn, not where thin, and where provided. Across the vertebrae of the tail are specially designed for non-ossified septum - and is rejected. Most often breaks the affected vertebra, and not adjacent. And for a good reason - there's no need to lose more than what you need. In difficult times, some of the remaining vertebrae can again save a life.

From chopping grows a new tail, but without vertebral - it replaces the cartilage. And the scales on the feet a little different: darker and different forms. It happens that the tail will only screaming, hanging on a string. Then still grows a new one. It turns out dvukhvostka lizard. Found even chetyrehkantyj individuals. Life with such a broom on the end of joy and a burden: not in any gap whisks, not every fly will catch.

Something similar to the yastcheritsyn tail there and in other animals. So, chipmunks and rabbits escape from enemies in a similar way. First sneak off. As if to escape failed part with a part of the body. The skin of a hare - like American tail: grab the Fox by side, it will move, and in the Fox's mouth will remain a tuft of wool long piece of leather, and from the peeled side even blood will not go. Chipmunk also saves the life of almost lizard - leaves in the teeth of a predator fluffy tail. But the Chipmunk ridge does not suffer: with tail left just hide the little pouch.

That rabbit and Chipmunk are not cowards, proven. And lizards don't panic, though enemies they have plenty: Copperhead (half eaten lizards end up their lives in their bellies), herons, storks, kites, crows, rooks, magpies, foxes, badgers, hedgehogs, moles...

In the face of strong and intelligent enemy lizard takes fight to the death. The tiny creature bites at the enemy, squeezes his teeth and closing his eyes, hangs on his muzzle. Here is one observation: male sand lizard hissed and his mouth opens bravely jumped towards the attacker cat. Relatives of our lizards incredibly inflated, so we can scare the enemy. And phrynosoma - horned lizard, living in Mexico, is protected unintelligible follows: fire at the enemy with his own blood.

In order not to distort the truth, to quote two opinions. "In a moment of danger special muscle pinched one of the large blood vessels, which leads to a sharp increase in pressure in the blood vessels of the head. When small blood vessels in the nictitating membrane of the eye can be gained, and the blood will spray straight from the eye towards the enemy. Unexpected shower often draws the attacker to flee. The weapon has a range of approximately one and a half meters."

In another workbook range of frenotomy looks modest, and the weapon itself questioned. But it says that horned lizard itself takes blood from the nose. "These iguanas (horned lizards.- S. S.) also possess a unique ability to vybrasyvat blood from the nose and eyes... At strong excitation of animal trickle of blood from the corners of her eyes fly to a distance of several centimeters. The value of this device is not quite clear."

Compare: if people often put in the eye dust, lizard eyes let blood.

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