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The most important thing in the life of a lizard - eating. Remember the tale Bazhov. Mistress of the copper mountain "Chapala again in her hands, ran up lizards - full table set... good soup, fish pie, lamb, porridge and protim that Russian rite relies". But even Bazhov lizards have not tried the cabbage soup and porridge. Maybe because regaled masters were busy?

Actually lunch, they don't cook - eat that will come, but with a distinction. Analysis tricky.

Among the famous restaurants there is a champion in the menu. As it dishes - I don't know, but the menu eryday lizards on her monograph took ten pages. More than three hundred dishes from different insects and bugs. In the role of cabbage soup and porridge are beetles, and pies, butterflies and spiders.

Beetles fully in the woods and prairies. And to get them, strain is not particularly necessary. For pies (butterflies and spiders) start at all serious. Otherwise professionals would not have written that "the occurrence of Lepidoptera and spiders in the diet of lizards 4.5-5 times higher than in nature." But ladybirds, bitter and hard, they don't really like in the tummies nimble creatures among beetles and other insects they caught eight times less than in nature. Leaves, ladybugs for lizards like spices, mustard. Fat soft blue fly our sand neighbor does not eat at all. Why?

But this is not the strange thing. Would you swallow a live bee? I - for any price. And lizards greedy for bees, as children on the jam. Tailed sweet tooth on duty at the apiaries, podkaraulivaâ flying sweetness. How they manage to avoid bee stings? The answer to this question I have not found. But he found these words: "from afar heard the distinctive buzz returning with SATCOM bee, lizard perks up, raises his head and then quick and precise movements, jumps up, grabs the insect often before it fell notches". Per day Slastena can swallow a dozen bees - no longer fit.

But for apiaries and this, alas, is not indifferent. How to discourage her from hives? Fairly simple. To return to his home in mink lizard can only with familiar territory. If a hunter to catch and carry for 250 meters, it is, by its terms, will be in another country, on the edge of the world, and will never find any old mink or hive.

Lizard enviable patience - they guard on the earth or stone up until the past will not fly, worm, and then grab her tongue. Hiding on a branch, waiting for a worm or an ant crawl up almost to his mouth. They have their own rules for hunting on mollusks and earthworms. Looking for they and larvae, zaryvshis in the soil. How? Most likely, using sophisticated hearing: lizards, obviously perceive ultra - and infraspace.

The little creature difficult to account for not only hunting, but also during meals. To proglottid big dragonfly, you first need to kill fluttering winged predator. Then, shaking his head and throwing to the ground, it is necessary orosenix mash hard dish. It takes about three minutes. Swallowed a dragonfly or forest bug, lizard carefully, I would say, quite licks lips and, having risen on the front legs, curves torso, helping to further promote voluminous nerazgadannaja dishes.

Slippery snails, stinky bugs. They do not mind. Let it serve as food. Another thing butterflies: sad to see them in the calories. (The daily diet of ordinary lizards - one gram of food, 3964 small calories). When the lizard swallows tail, dropped a friend, it can be understood. Not to vanish meat in vain. However, disappointed to learn that ordinary male common lizards sometimes devour children - eggs laid by females. No shame, no conscience...

Our morals are reptiles not applicable. Their world is ruled by its own laws. And rule well: the age of reptiles venerable - it is many millions of years longer than in mammals n the more people. And if not for the economy the strongest opponent of all animals - human reptile would live happily ever after. However, and now the lizard is not so bad. In any case, better than the wood or herring.

But back to the extensive menu of sand lizard. "Not enough to expatiate on her stomach?" - think of a reader. No, not enough. Lizard devours us. Moreover, her appetite gives direct revenue, estimated at RUB. And it will be mentioned in its place.

They say that there are men's, women's and children's taste. This is true for lizards. Judge for yourself - on the Riazan females catch butterflies often males, and those wondrous thing!) lose his head, catching sight of popricani-dragonflies: swallow them 26 times more often than females. Tailed the kids are fond of ants.

The menu includes delicious vegetarian dishes. Near Grozny ordinary lizards pick up the fallen berries of the mulberry tree, in the middle lane like strawberries. Green lizard, iwota in Ukraine and Moldova, loves viburnum. And southern European large pearl lizard its table grapes and cherries. If you eat berries, and no water can be dispensed. But in the forest zone of lizard lick the drops of rain guard dew. Sometimes they lacout water, like a dog or cat. Rather, draw water in the lower jaw.

After eating and drinking, should be dealt with digestion. So lizards do. They are cold-blooded. So you tightly to fill the stomach for the night heartburn will not. Because digestive enzyme activity is temperature dependent, and nights are cool. At night the digestion of either slows down or enzymes generally have a rest. But not only at night, and in cold weather the lizard is not desirable - digestion is delayed. While in the warm time to digest solid beetle, she needed from 18 to 29 hours, fly - from 5 to 12 hours.

I don't want to claim that only eat lizards Yes digest. They have other things to do. What? And this is still unknown. Maybe they simply sleep. Herpetologist M. F. Tyrtyshnikov once in Stavropol Kray propanetriol routine adult male. From a hole that had appeared in 7 hours and 45 minutes in the morning. The day was 145 meters. Not enough, even if we assume that the round for him, what for us kilometre. During the day the male than once hid in a hole and spent a total of six hours. To sleep he went to 18 hours and 30 minutes, that is, on the surface of spent a little over four hours. And during this time managed to eat and drink.

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