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On maps immortalized skunk (Chicago), the boar or wild boar (Ivri), horse (Konotop) and other animals, which occurred names of settlements. But the city or even village - lizards like nowhere else in the world and not find.

How many people are horse names! We engineer Elk, read Belkin's stories, familiar with Sobakevich and Princess Tarakanova. And who met the surname Yastcheritsyn? Is it not strange: the lizard-creating cute, not like a cockroach.

To Dodge a snake, samachisa, be viewed, to respetuosa, producit, to copy, to convocati... And where word-images that went from lizards?

Take the book "the Cult of animals in the religions 3. P. Sokolova (by the way, the name of the author of Zoology). Here called many deified birds, bulls and bears, the sacred beetles and snakes. And the lizard again on the back; probably only Maori in New Zealand, thought their soul after death found refuge in the body nimble creatures.

How so? Do lizards someone hurt? Or animals this rare? No way: full of them, not only for the oceans, seas, and around - on the territory of our country lives 10 408 500 000 some sand lizards. Yes, a lot of her relatives: viviparous lizards living all the way from the Arctic circle, Agamas and geckos prefer heat...

Not heard about human negligence old, our neighbor, in the summer it gets to the eye, sand, or as it is called in science, common lizard? Otherwise why she wanted to become brighter, more visible? Why in the beginning of this century these nimble creatures in the world of fashion was grey, and now brown? Males to the same green color of the throat and belly. However, there are also bright green ladies.

And yet recognize: lizards were not tinted for us - otherwise during winter hibernation, covered in holes from human sight, they would not darkened, 't played colors.

But let's leave emotions and get the story.

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