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Do you know how to listen?


Psychologists believe that many of us do not know how to listen (and hear!), what we say. Even when we do not interrupt the interlocutor and look at him, much goes right off. Because this can deteriorate friendly and family relationships, children may be disappointed in the parents, the Manager can create a distorted view of subordinates, subordinates about the head. It happened that even the aircraft suffered an accident because of the fact that the pilots listened but did not hear the air traffic controller!
Psychologists believe that the "average" listener is estimated at 55 points. By the way, I love this score is much higher, and in family life, he is reduced, decreasing over the years.
In order to determine their ability to listen, answer the test questions. To answer the questions, one of the most sincerely. In the control procedure may be asked to answer for you loved one who is knowledgeable about your communication style.

The maximum number of points you can score in this test is 100. The more you scored points, the more you have developed the ability to listen.

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