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I caught leeches in one dirty pond near the Town of Fools. For four Soldo in the day I was hired by a poor man,he was undressed, went into the pond on his neck and stood there, as long as his naked body was not sucking leeches. Then he brought ashore, I collected from his leeches and again sent it into the pond.
Alexei Tolstoy. The Adventures Of Pinocchio

Fishing maniacal seriously threatened the life of a poor citizen: he lost a terrible amount of blood. Interesting how the maniacal collected leeches with a naked beggar. After all, peel them not: the wound will bleed, it can remain pivkina jaw. I want to believe that the maniacal was guided by medical advice. Doctors in such cases it is recommended to use a swab with alcohol, iodine or a strong solution of common salt. From the swab any leech will immediately detach the suction Cup.

We have already got acquainted with the current situation, with artificial cultivation and harvesting of medical pijavice. But new is well forgotten old. Not to look whether in the "Encyclopedic dictionary" Brockhaus and Efron? Here on the subject of our sketch said interesting. Here is an excerpt from the publication, 1898: "Leeches was not so long ago beneficial the subject removal: after them came to the Caucasus Greeks, Turks, Italians, etc. moreover produced artificial breeding of leeches in special pools or parks system Fat in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Pyatigorsk and Nizhny Tagil. On the basis of existing laws fishing leeches while positioning them in may, June and July is prohibited; when fishing leeches should be elected only fit for medical use, i.e., at least 1.5 CPP. length".

Do so today catchers? Did they covenants ancestors? Right, I don't know. But in a small newspaper article about harvesting paragraph of medicinal leeches in the Poltava region, sabauda living medicine Leningrad bio, black and white was written that leeches collected from April to October, that is, not paying attention to their rasplozhenija". How little honor now leeches, shows and short information recently published in the highly respected popular science magazine. It said that Hungary is the main supplier of leeches in Europe and that it is profitable for the reason that leeches did not manage to breed in the laboratory.

We will not go into the debate - and so everything is clear. Isn't it better to tell where in the pond are leeches: how they reproduce. First, a bit about linguistics. The fact that the term "medical leech" and the word "leech" is false. For leech can't be feminine. It cannot be male. She (!) bisexual. And it is unknown whether it would be this year, dad or mom.

Some leeches bear live young, and the heroine of our story lays eggs. Intending to do it, she crawls on the ground a little way from the shore and chooses a convenient place in the soft earth. Leech spits back a viscous greenish liquid, which, overdiv, reminiscent of the cocoon of the silk worm. Inside the cocoon, and they lay eggs. After two months of him crawl cubs. Destined to whether they will live 20 years, which measured the leech nature? Because in the pond easily die from hunger or become a victim.

Didn't you have an opinion, though entirely all leeches such lovely creatures? No? Well, right - among them are downright masters of torture. For example, the horse leech, living with us in Central Asia. She can't propylite or bite through the skin, and the blood greedy. Like her not to live, but there it was - she sticks to the mucous membranes of the larynx and nasopharynx. It is so slick and smooth that swimmers have a risk to get it and into the bladder, and in conjunctive eye bag. Documented case, when the horse leech inside tormented man almost four months. And an ox in the mouth, throat, larynx and lungs found 27 these bloated tormentors. Probably the horned guy was not quench the thirst from the water.

...Why evolution allows you to live on Earth such chronopia - horse leech? There was no hidden meaning? Because the human concept of good and evil is not absolute and is not applicable.

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