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The maniacal was back to the hearth...
Bad trade is on the leeches, " he said again.
Alexei Tolstoy. The Adventures Of Pinocchio

So, in the Country of Fools, where he lived the maniacal, leeches were not in demand. Well, in our world they snapped. And not surprisingly, almost in the heart of Moscow at the Main pharmacy management is the management of plant breeding leeches. This bio - the so-called plant - annually there are about a million leeches. This kind of business, and Leningrad. And yet they are not sufficient: only Moscow pharmacies and hospitals every year need about half a million, and orders come from Murmansk, Khabarovsk. There were requests from abroad.

Leech - medicine scarce. The fact that the natural population is rapidly dying out. Drainage of standing water bodies and wetlands in the southern part of our country uncontrollably reduces the living space of the medicinal leech. More recently, in the Krasnodar region was collected about two million leeches a year. And now its rice fields barely able to scrape together half a million individuals.

Fortunately, biofactories learned to educate adult, ready to treat the leech just over a year. But in nature this requires five to six years. And it's not only clean water, strict mode and good nutrition. In the workshops, where leeches grow in huge vessels, smoke and noise. Because it's bad for fertility mums and growth of pups. Water, cleansed from chlorine water, bring to room temperature for leech may catch a cold.

Small piscata similar to the pieces of white thread it through the first two or three weeks after the beginning of independent life. For the year, before they reach the condition will be able to allocate hirudin, leeches will eat only a few times. They drink the warm blood of cattle that are brought to the bio from the meat plant. Leeches not only cherished, they are forced to work to bite through the film so that their jaws were trained and were able to propylite human skin, when leeches will put the patient. It turns out that without "labor education" will not grow and decent leeches.

Having eaten our invertebrate creatures together we climb the PA wall - attached to the wall of his house. Approaching the vessel in which they are engaged digestion, you can see rings on their body - rings exactly 102. When leech Matures, she will appear and the so-called band.

Adult medical leeches that supply hirudin, weigh about three grams. On the bio demonstrated to me and another test: the employee took a handful of leeches on his hands they sought to take "barrel shaped" form, which is also testified to their maturity. But that's not all - before the bags with moist peat, in which buried leeches will be sent to the pharmacy, leeches three month've worked up an appetite swimming in the aquarium.

As with any production, bio receives the plan, do want. The employees complained that leeches don't want to accept this simple truth, and every year give a different number of offspring. When leeches in shock, they bring in 70-80 babies, and when there is only 20-30. What causes it is not yet clear. But it is clear that the uneven behavior causes the drills with the staff - it is necessary to urgently prepare new tracelistener parents for laying cocoons or fall on his knees before the contractors.

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