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- For a piece of cold pork and a glass of wine I'm ready for you to put to the haunch of a dozen of the most beautiful javacc, if you have lamothe in the bones...
To hell with the devil, no leeches! cried Karabas Barabas.
Alexei Tolstoy. The Adventures Of Pinocchio

Karabas Barabas was unbalanced man and screamed a lot. In vain he was screaming, and in this case - leeches excellent remedy as would be given to us from above. Even the craze for them in the past failed to discredit this method of treatment. But they were put to the place and out of place.

... This is very important - where exactly to put leeches. Because of hunger, they are ready to suck and to the thigh and the heel. And there to allow them might not need. And the list of suffering that facilitate leeches, though vast, but not infinite.

Modern guidelines recommend placing leeches behind the ears in some forms of hypertension, disorders of cerebral circulation and visual apparatus. When bleeding in the brain leeches are asked to drink the blood from the head and tailbone. It is advised to apply leeches and other occasions. In fact, leeches, drinking blood from the tailbone, reduce the volume of remote organs.

Previously it was set to 200 leeches. It undermined faith in occupational therapy (the old name "piascledine" - Gelateria). The patient lost a lot of blood and weakened. Triangular wounds caused by leeches, bleeding for about a day, they sometimes had to sew up. In the beginning of the last century any patient coming in a French hospital, immediately, without a moment's hesitation, put on 30 leeches, and then found out the diagnosis. Now put no more than 20, usually 4-12.

Leeches, no matter how they were hungry, refuse to treat the patient, if it smells like Cologne or tobacco, even the most refined. And to live the medicine stuck exactly where it should, the skin, wipe it with alcohol and hot water. The hot water heats the piece of skin, making it more appetizing. At the same time the water destroys the smell of alcohol, to which leeches (not like some hypertensive patients) are repelled.

When pevica sticks, between its three jaws open ducts of the salivary glands. The emitted secret and contains a therapeutic substance - hirudin. He does not allow to clot blood. In the salivary glands of leeches there gistaminopodobnykh substance that expands the capillaries. So the essence of treatment is not sucking blood, and that blood of saliva fall anticoagulants are substances that prevent the formation of blood clots.

"The leech medicine" pure hirudin still not get in pharmaceutical companies, and heads of leeches "by fractionated precipitation with alcohol, followed by trichloroacetic acid precipitation". Isn't that a wonder?

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