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With the senses of leeches directly trouble - no nose, no ears, no tongue. But in the skin of many nerve endings, so-called sentient kidney. However, it should make some noise on the shore of the pond, as they come running to the source of the noise, which may presage lunch. And the more noise, the worse their crowd. This is used by the fishers of medical leeches. From time to time they pop a stick in the water, and then detach from their rubber boots starving lionesses and put them in bags with moist peat. How can you not remember saying that the catcher and the beast runs.

If you drop it into water new or worn sandals, leeches intently interested only used the shoes - they are great water can smell the smell of a man. It is sophisticated, it is still properly understood the sensitivity of leeches and helps them to find a victim.

Lovers of blood for tens of kilometers learn about upcoming weather in advance and hide in the mud from the rain. What business is it of theirs to rain? In the pond, and so wet. And yet fishing leeches successful only in a quiet and Sunny days.

In ponds the average strip leech rarely live, they like the warm South. And those stretchy black beasts that usually frighten children and adults in the suburbs, though, and leeches, but harmless. These so-called large linekona leeches don't drink blood. Their favorite meal - worms.

Anyway leeches are not parasites, and superbly equipped hunters. Take this hunting weapons, as the jaw. Do you know of any animals which have not two jaws and three? Now, the leeches of the three jaws. They don't have to bite, they have to drill a hole. Here and helps three Horny nail files with tiny teeth. And the most common among us black linekona leech jaw almost lost. Probably her on a bloody diet lived and no matter it by clicking on another menu, decided that a worm can not be cut. Leeches usually narrow specialists - bird leech with disdain turn away from poor blood snails, fish will not suck cancer. If our heroine medical leech - at least once a hearty dinner - eat it quickly, about ten minutes,then you will be able to hold out for almost two years! In other words, she has a lot of free time. At leisure, it keeps the blood in a special symmetric pockets.

To digest food, animals allowed in the course of the enzymes. And in the gut of the leech enzymes not. As they came up out of such a sensitive position? Very simple - they sheltered in the gut assistant - bacterium Pseudomonas hirudins. Selecting the appropriate substances, it helps the leech to digest food. This benefactress their volatile protects living house from invasion of other microbes. That is why the medical leech never before anybody did not infected. (In fairness, I must say that some leeches, for example linekona of lake Khanka, can be carriers of worms, dangerous to wildlife and domestic animals.)

For a ten-minute meal leech absorbs blood three or four times more than she weighs, and scary swells. After such a binge we would not stirred, and she nasosavshis ' to the throat, cheerfully removed away not only in water, but on dry ground.

Beautiful muscular body leeches covered with mucus. The mucus is very necessary, because if the skin dries, the leech will die because breathes skin, thickly dotted with capillaries. Now, to save the chance, can, pouring himself mucus, crawl to the side of the pond, where, however, life is also not straightforward.

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