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In the life of the cows is still a lot of mysteries. So, it is not clear what they are going to "parties". The famous French entomologist J. Fabre was amazed to see the chapel, almost completely obscured by the red bugs. Warm June day on the lake shore biologist O. Gusev met many kilometers narrow a live tape. According to his calculations, at each kilometer of the Baikal shore sat (sat, not crawling) 600 000 ladybugs. Especially densely insects clung to the rocks near the water. This meeting was a cow ten species! Here is how an eyewitness reported on the event: "most of the insects still sitting on the rocks close to each other, and it was difficult to understand what they need here. From time to time some bug was up in the air and flew off into the forest. Sometimes it was possible to observe, as appeared from the taiga and sat down on the stones single cow".

Remember - in the beginning of the story were lines about wintering crowd of ladybugs. This habit can be explained with the help of remarkable phenomena - effect group. Here is his essence in relation to our situation. When beetles and other lovers of winter sleep feel the elbows, winter is better tolerated, it is likely that chemical signals convince sleeping that close friends. Signals miracle - in the confines of the metabolic rate falls, and insects save power. (So do frogs - this has already been mentioned in its place.)

Why do you have to gather a crowd on Sunny summer days? Mystery? Yes. But something all the same clearing. Recently biologists Century Zaslavsky and P. Fomenko had been surprised to notice that the crowd is not only the adult ladybugs, but the larvae. The trunk of the tree are drawn to each other, when it comes time to change the skin. Even in vitro single larva crawls shedding in the same place. Probably, there remains odorous trace label. And here is the result - if the larva is dressed not alone, and, so to speak, on the people, the speed of its development is changing.

Gatherings adult beetles may have more serious consequences: the evidence, though, sitting peacefully among relatives, cow lay different numbers of eggs. It follows from this unimaginable conclusion: in slow-moving bodies of beautiful insects rapidly processes governing the population of the next generation. I wish to know what commands are relayed...

I want to understand, and much more. For example, in a small volume Century. P. Anikin with quite long and at the same time welcoming the name "Russian folk Proverbs, sayings, riddles and children's folklore", released in 1957, printed infantile divination-sign: "ladybug, the bucket or the weather?" If the ladybug, having heard plenty of guys will fly is supposedly promises good weather if you go - come bad weather, and when the bug will not Express any desire to fly and crawl, the weather though will not change. Is this true? Not do on the locomotor activity of beetles meteorological conditions?

But another facet of their lives. In 1973, seven ladybugs living in the Voronezh region, regularly destroying aphids, slaughtered radish and radish. By the autumn of ladybugs eat aphids, and famine. Then bugs, to somehow accumulate reserves for the winter, pounced on getting drunk radish seeds and radish. The leaves, stems and flowers that they are not interested.

Occasionally bright bugs behave quite good, actually become brutalized. Sometimes on a nice day on the beach in Sevastopol clouds of insects begin to spat on rosalisa human body and strove sick to bite. Vacationers like stinging bees, ulepetyvala in the water. This happened not only in Sevastopol.

And yet ladybirds not become a byword too pretty tiny predator. And not only pretty, but useful, indispensable. In short, the little cutie.

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