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And what if the tarantula and cow have in common? As a bright and seemingly cheerful "Sunny" creating almost callously. To understand this, first you have to tell, how it breathes, our heroine. Do you know where her nostrils? Like other insects, holes for breath of air running along the sides from the head to the end (if a tiny loaf is possible to detect the end). From any nostrils leaves the tube. Inside the body it forks and feeds air directly to the place of consumption to one or another organ. Isn't that convenient? Not only convenient, but also useful: the most slusa-preclude the cow even in the greatest anger will not be able to breath because the oxygen itself circulates through its innards.

Thanks to the nostrils, scattered over the body, the circulatory system of insects removed a heavy burden for the delivery of oxygen to the tissues. And ladybirds no heart in our understanding, but only the tube, which lazily compressing pumps the blood (hemolymph. This is enough to supply the corners scarlet predator dissolved in the lymph nutrients.

So cute bug almost devoid of heart. However, it is convenient, it won't have a heart attack or hypertension.

And one more thing, though not quite proven property of insects: I think they have no sense of pain. If they never have a headache and stomach, though it doesn't hurt to recchiuti foot against a stone. If so, shabby ladybug, slipping out of the bird's beak, scalded with cantharidin will never suffer, to suffer. It doesn't hurt.

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