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Scarlet half a pea, crawling on six black legs, everywhere affectionately called. We call her ladybug or sun, in Western Europe - the lamb of God, the solar calf, a sun bug. In America, someone is sure that, even if inadvertently kill a Ladybird, is a nuisance.

"Ladybug, uleti at the sky" - this simple song the children sing, when the red bug minces by childish hands. Finally, it gives to persuade myself to raise lacquered elytra, produces a thin, transparent wings and departs.

Fall cow fly at all, but not at the sky, and hide in the woods or in the foothills under large stones. It happens that the crowd their winters in plain sight-on the trunk of a tree or on a pole. This company is watering rain, snow falling asleep. So the cold doesn't turn into a chunk insects in autumn dry, lose water and care about the antifreeze - produce glycerol and sugar; in cells decreases the activity of enzymes in the winter skimp on metabolism.

Cow is restless. Otherwise you will not tell. Even those winter with economic objectives kept in the refrigerator and let out in the field when the crop starts to hurt aphids, often do not remain in place, although plenty of food, and fly away for a few kilometers. That desire to change places? Assume that the most desperate daredevil from the European ladybirds can gather a crowd and enjoy the winter as much as in Africa. Do insects to contend forces with the masters of the sky - bird?

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