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Maria Serova


In the clearing by the river
Was thinking experts:
"What kind of insect
All of us strangers?"
- Palizada?
The beetles!
Maybe it's the stag beetles?
- Very interesting
The bodily hairs...
- Couvercle!
Not they...
I know for sure: Fireflies -
See, silver
Legs velvety?!
- Ploshchadi.
- Sailors!
- Orofile.
- Logs!
Argue, get excited,
More surprised...

Next Daisy
The petals broke -
"Love" was wondering...
Spores friends, hearing,
Came closer,
And yawned sweetly:
- Argue in vain.
Who is this? All clear!
Every first-grader
Knows that... BUG!

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