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Fly butterfly said:
"Yesterday I flew South!
First class on the plane,
Two hours was in flight".

Butterfly said: "Ah,
Did you fly in the clouds!
Wow! What You Jurgita!
Tell me more!"

"Cloud! That's nonsense!
There is more important than just food!
I'm in the window not at all.
The whole flight I ate and ate...
So much drank the juice!
I walked out of the plane".

Butterfly said: "Fly,
Tell me, friend,
Did you see the sea, mountains
And Alpine expanse?"

"What can I say here?
Sea - exactly the pond!
Here the water and there is water...
But the food, Oh my!"

Rolled his fly eyes:
Visited, exactly in the tale.
Ah! What beach pier!
Cakes, lemonade, ice cream,
The sweet melon, watermelon,
The stalks of corn.

Not believe, is tired!
Even in the mountains did not fly.
And flowers from the plane
I saw something.

So You, my friend,
Nothing to do in the South.
Stay better here!
Meadow flowers - have something to eat."

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