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Zinaida Alexandrov


Come here and listen,
As this year
We drank tea under the pear
My grandmother in the garden.

I drank honey, cheesecake,
With melted milk -
From grandmother mugs
With blue flower.

Flew from the garden
Hungry bee,
We have a little bit of honey
From a saucer took.

Behind it is another, third,
Fourth creeps...
Frightened children
Push back the honey.

Have not seen the saucers,
Buzzing swarm of bees.
They buzzing and hovering
Over our head.

Here grandma, all leaving,
Runs from the table...
And kettle in white spout
Stung by a bee.

And fear and laughter fun!
And nobody drinks tea:
After all, grandma bee
Back took the honey.

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