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Zinaida Alexandrov


Ant has found a blade of grass,
There were a lot of her troubles.
As a log, putting back,
He is home it is.

Loader - small growth.
Anthill far.
And the log is difficult to bear,
Even very difficult.

He bent under the burden,
He crawls hardly,
But what good
Ants build a house!

Molded, inputs and outputs
Without a saw and an axe
Secret passages,
Pantries for good.

Under a large, century-old spruce
Building is fun.
Here works as a team
Friendly little people.

If one runs to meet him,
He will understand it without words
Burden to take on his shoulders
Friend is ready.

Grew up house in a new place,
Housewarming now there.
To work well together
Even small ants!

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