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Terence Tranny


What a word aptly,
Witty, swiftly, deftly,
But you cannot say about it,
Remembering a Ladybird.

The size of a cow,
As a ladybug or not,
Not fit and in shape
Unlikely to come.

Who the f named this bug
The increase is less strawberry
Clumsy herbivores
What is this judge?!

So sing simple bug,
Turning it into a cow!
It is urgent to understand
Maybe this is something there,
And in the name of the hidden mystery?

So let's try to read:
Not a cow, and the cow,
So, a little smaller,
Posadka, pomnei...
Settled in Pridorogin,
Oh Yes, and besides, God.
Look who's on her finger
Red bug plants
And just hear the calls:
"Uleti at the Sky!"
And I'd ask bread
To bring, and that means
That bug Koroviy
Absolutely not so simple,
If somewhere in the sky,
Can bread to get
And, besides, not burned
From the sky once brought.

So, ladybug
Though the cow, but clever.
Yet aptly someone's word,
And the judge he was right.

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