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Ekaterina Zhdanova


Work, try
In the flank fir cones
Push, hit.
And, pulling up pants,
One of them said:
- Would be nice to kids
To build a cinema.
Than to sit and look out the window -
All come in a movie!
Said second brother:
- What movie? Nothing!
I know how cones
To arrange a water Park.
Come to swim,
And with the slides to ride!
You know, if you quarrel, -
It will not sasparilla.
"You see, nimble! As not so!
We will build the movie Park!
- Aqua lounge! With movie Park!
With super trendy layout!
"I will not drag,
I another look.
And I will not suffer,
Let them remain in the forest.
Argue, argue,
And at this time the sun
All lower.
And the third little ant,
In the back of his head scratched:
"I think it's too much,"
He himself, he said.
And he added: " it is not so,
I am a fan of "Spartacus"!
He cones are divided, -
In three parts sawed,
And production under the guise of
The in-lock.
Only home he knew,
That will build the stadium!

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