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Iraida Mordovin


Lives in the forest grasshopper
Green violinist.
All wakes at dawn
And goes only SCAC.
He hops on the flowers,
On the grass and the bushes.
The violin plays:
- Param-pam-pam-pam-pam.
Find mustache notes,
To start the concert.
Sound quadrille, gavoty,
He is in the music of the poet.
Only the evening comes,
Hurry all dance:
Grasshopper waltz plays.
It is time, friends, to dance!
All the animals are having fun,
And birds, and beetles.
Over the summer has trampled
On the dancing shoes.
On the Sunny glade,
Under the oak and alder
Kuznetcova trills
Sound in any way.
Without them it is impossible to live:
Calm down white light.
After all, those are the best songs
On the whole, no light.

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