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Valery Suljic


Clapped rain palms branches,
And immediately
Hid all living things.
Throughout the forest only Yes I ant
Not hid...
So there were two of us.

Substituting shoulders rainwater,
I was sitting at birch lopsided,
But the ant was walking on bark
And I looked
With anxiety.

Dogdance pounded on the trunk
And ripe were blown out BlackBerry,
But ant fir needle
As if military defiance.

So the ant hill from me to save,
He was ready to sacrifice
He cried:
- Go faster!
I - ant, and I stand a lot!

The battle lost I am without a fight
And moved to another tree.
Shifted boggy mushrooms
And remembered
How to find a way home.
Back preparing tweak,
I only for a moment
Stepped to the birch again
And sugar sawn piece
Left on the grass for a time.

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