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Valery Suljic


In stitched leather boots
And in the heading to the eyebrows
Navigates little
Brave ant.

Water so blue,
And thickets wall,
And somewhere Muraveinia
Remained behind.

There in the warm nest
Don't turn off the lights,
And there sing the pots
Frost contrary.

And in ant city
Very excited,
Will muraviyka proud
Distant writing.

What he shore
Severe swam,
That he America
Far discovered.

The card will fall line.
That's the way to go and swim!
And immediately Muraveinia
Will the fireworks be beat.

And three-story boat
Umchit in the open sea,
And the brave ant
Perhaps the medal.

And he's in the circle of friends,
Sipping tea,
Once recurits
And say casually:

"Well, I don't believe,
Sailing, water everywhere.
And suddenly look: America!
Yes, but its here!

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