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I'm in the garden beetle caught.
Tell him: "Hey!
Your name is probably Joseph?"
"J-IOS-Ziff", " I reply.
It in a box out of matches
The whole day then hummed.
Babysitter cover opened,
Only the cover opened,
Hy slightly opened -
And my Joseph ran away!
The nurse did not want.
Everything happened by chance:
It took her a match -
Preheat decided kettle.
She said she was sorry.
I almost roar!
He says he knows a place,
Where in the garden beetles live.
Long then we walked
The path along the bushes,
We creaked and rustled,
In order to lure beetles.
And already find it
We were in despair, when suddenly
From some close mink
Creeps Joseph-beetle!
I recognized him immediately -
He did, of course!
And I learned it too,
But little was confused.
So it looked as if
I was going to say:
"I-zhasen coolant-sorry
That C-conceived beliefs to avoid".

Nanny I have forgiven.
Babysitting my good friend.
And on a matchbox
Big, black wrote
On the facing box,
It was impossible to
To confuse matches and beetle.

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