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Andrey Usachev


Walked outside the city ladybug
On the branches of the grass clambered deftly,
Looked like in the sky floating clouds...
And suddenly dropped a Big Hand.
And peacefully walked Ladybird
Put him in a match box.
Ladybug was quite furious at first,
Lowed in the wall of the box rattled...
But in vain! Forgot about it in the box,
Closed the Cow in the closet in the jacket.
Oh, how he yearned in the poor box!
She had a lawn, and clover, and clover...
Surely in captivity to stay forever?!
Ladybug decided to prepare an escape.

Three days and three nights rushed it to the goal.
And finally climbs out of the cracks...
But where are the trees, flowers, clouds?
Cow got into his coat pocket.
However, she is not losing hope,
Runs free of the stuffy service:
There the sun and the wind, and the smell of grass...
But instead of freedom saw wardrobe!
Sad and scary God the ladybug.
Again she is in a dark desert box.
Suddenly, he sees at the top, where the key is inserted,
Through the crack in the cupboard breaks the beam!
Probably will! Ladybug bravely,
Samaras, storming the keyhole...
And was again deep in the box
With a huge chandelier on the ceiling.
However, Ladybug extremely stubborn:
Find where tightly closed frame...
And now she gets out of the window -
Cheers! Finally on the loose it!

And again on the familiar lawn insect.
Under it, as before, waving clover,
Above it, floating above the clouds...
But looking at the world carefully Cow:
But if it is too Big box,
Where the sun and sky inside the box?!

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