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Lev Kvitko


Out in the rain
All night long.
Spread the rumbling
The stream at the gate.

Window glass
Shaking the rain.
The dog was wet
And in asking the house.

Here in a puddle of puddles,
Spinning like a top,
Creeps clumsy
Horned beetle.

Fell upside down,
Trying to get up.
Moved his horns -
And he rose again.

To the place dry
Hurry to crawl,
But again and again
The river on the way...

He floats in a puddle,
Not knowing where.
Carries him, circling
And drives the water.

The armor drops
Knock all be able,
And legs weakened
To row them have no ability to bear.

Now choke -
Ghoul-ghoul! and the end!
But no, no rent
Brave swimmer.

Exhausted by the struggle,
Gone would be the bug,
Suddenly before him
Saw a knot.

From the thicket of oak
Sailed it here.
It from Dubrova
He primdale water.

And, making the house
A sharp turn,
To guccu adalemo
He goes quickly.

Hurry to grab
Bug for it.
Now not afraid
Swimmer nothing.

By the will of flow
In his dropship
Sailing on the wide
The deep river.

But near the boardwalk
A leaky abstraction.
And the Wayfarer horned
Snuck into the yard.

Slipped and right
Went into the house,
Where my mother
And dad live.

He came on land
To me in boxes.
And for a long time I listened
As rubs bug.

But little by little
Left clouds
And in the garden on the track
I took the beetle.

Translation Of S. Marshak

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