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  1. Ah, snowy winter (So Shatsky)
  2. Badger (So Belozerov)
  3. White poetry (S. Mikhalkov)
  4. White moth (I. Gurin)
  5. Birch (S. Esenin)
  6. Biathlon (A. Parachin)
  7. Big frost (Century Berestov)
  8. Buran (M. Hismatulina)
  9. In frost (Century. Lanzetti)
  10. Hide and seek (I. Petukhov)
  11. Mittens (A. Parachin)
  12. The entire rink in the lights (A. Barto)
  13. The old house (a Block)
  14. In The Evening (E.g. Rabbits)
  15. Near the house the snow man .... (M Minilites)
  16. Wolf (I. Gurin)
  17. Wolf (Sasha Black)
  18. The Magician (K. Bilic)
  19. The witch-winter (A. Pushkin)
  20. Here is the North, clouds catching up... (A. Pushkin)
  21. Like that slide! (N. Starshinov)
  22. So berries! (M. Minilites)
  23. Times of the year. Winter (N. Ivanova)
  24. Angrier, angrier, angrier... (Century. eagles)
  25. Meeting (I. Petukhov)
  26. Meeting of winter (I. Nikitin)
  27. Everywhere the snow (A. Brodsky)
  28. It was snowing and everything was forgotten... (N. Scars)
  29. Blizzard (I. Gurin)
  30. Snowstorm-snowstorm - (, Lugsdin)
  31. Where's my finger? (N. Skanska)
  32. Where winter is summer? (O. Vācietis)
  33. Where the sweet whisper... (E. Baratynsky)
  34. Said ski ski (I. Borzov)
  35. Ice (A. Smetanin)
  36. Ice (Century Berestov)
  37. Hill (B. Bikbai)
  38. Hill (G. Lebedev)
  39. Hill (A. Metzger)
  40. Janitor - Santa Claus (D. Harms)
  41. December (M. Kazarin)
  42. December (S. Kozlov)
  43. Road (N. Ogarev)
  44. Tree (G. Galina)
  45. Tree (O. Vysotskaya)
  46. If the wind is furious circles (E. Bulgakov)
  47. Living snow (I.e. Tarahovsky)
  48. Riddle (E. Sanitary)
  49. Riddles about winter (I. Gusarov)
  50. Sang sledge (S. Orlov)
  51. Sonorous day (, Novitskaya)
  52. Hello, snowy winter! (By Ladonia)
  53. Winter (C. Alibaev)
  54. Winter (C. Bogdan)
  55. Winter In The Vitez)
  56. Winter (L. Voronkov)
  57. Winter (I. Gurin)
  58. Winter (I. Koval)
  59. Winter (P. Komarov)
  60. Winter (Century Lunin)
  61. Winter (E. Moshkovskii)
  62. Winter (N. The Nadzhmi)
  63. Winter (L. Ogurtsova)
  64. Winter (Ramazanov,)
  65. Winter (E. Rusakov)
  66. Winter (B. Stepanov)
  67. Winter (I. Surikov)
  68. Winter (L. Char)
  69. Winter!.. Farmer, celebrating... (A. Pushkin)
  70. Winter on the edge (I. Gurin)
  71. Winter is near (I. Dmitriev)
  72. Winter came (Century Fetisov)
  73. Winter-needlewoman (E. Avexa)
  74. Winter in spite of (A. Metzger)
  75. Snowy winter (I. Bokova)
  76. Snowy winter (I. Mordovin)
  77. Winter morning (Century Lunin)
  78. Winter morning (A. Pushkin)
  79. Winter morning (So Shatsky)
  80. Winter pictures (O. Vācietis)
  81. Winter roses (Century. Lanzetti)
  82. Winter apples (I. Gusarov)
  83. Winter evening (M. Isakovsky)
  84. Winter evening (A. Pushkin)
  85. Winter day (I. Mannin)
  86. Winter day (C. Wheat)
  87. Winter rain (So Belozerov)
  88. Winter forest (S. Ostrovsky)
  89. Winter road (J. Polonsky)
  90. Winter dream (A. Barto)
  91. Winter road (A. Pushkin)
  92. Winter story (A. byshev)
  93. Winter picture (C. Wheat)
  94. Winter night in the village (I. Nikitin)
  95. Winter night (B. Pasternak)
  96. Winter song (H. Alexandrov)
  97. Winter song (R. Kudasheva)
  98. Winter song (A. Metzger)
  99. Winter song (N. Scars)
  100. Winter joy (, Ladonia)
  101. Winter's tale (I. Koval)
  102. Winter (G. Galina)
  103. Winter (I. Melnychuk)
  104. Winter (Sasha Black)
  105. Winter in the forest (N. Goncharov)
  106. Zimushka (So Logacheva)
  107. Snowy winter (A. Prokofiev)
  108. In vain tears don't spend (S. Ostrovsky)
  109. In vain tried (S. Ostrovsky)
  110. And not afraid of frost (B. Balas)
  111. Frost (, Galina)
  112. As well in the winter! (Economics, Sanitary)
  113. As on the hill, on the hill (A. Prokofiev)
  114. What a night! Hard frost... (A. Pushkin)
  115. Candy (I. Vesselinova)
  116. Cat sings, eyes presure... (A. FET)
  117. Fortress (A. Parachin)
  118. All the year round. December (S. Marshak)
  119. All the year round. January (S. Marshak)
  120. All the year round. February (S. Marshak)
  121. Who bites? (A. Shibaev)
  122. Who draws so skillfully... (M Lesna-Raunio)
  123. Where in cars driven snow? (I. Tokmakova)
  124. Partridge (So Belozerov)
  125. Forest of white animals (E. Serov)
  126. Sleight of hand (S. Ostrovsky)
  127. Skis (A. Vakhitov)
  128. Skis (A. Parachin)
  129. Ski and stump (S. Mikhalkov)
  130. A small summer (C. eagles)
  131. Mom! look out the window. (A. FET)
  132. "Walrus" (A. Byshev)
  133. Frost (So Belozerov)
  134. Frost (Century Berestov)
  135. Frost (L. Ogurtsova)
  136. Frosty day... (Century Berestov)
  137. Frosty day (N Samples)
  138. Goose (A. Orlov)
  139. We got dressed before all (z Alexandrov)
  140. On the hill (N. Gorodetskaya)
  141. At the rink (Century Donnikova)
  142. Skating (A. parachin)
  143. Skating (Sasha Black)
  144. On the window and outside the window (A. Shibaev)
  145. For a walk... Winter (C. Bogdan)
  146. Sledding (I. Belyakov)
  147. Nast (A. Parachin)
  148. Came cold (A. Barto)
  149. Without waiting for the heat... (J. marcinkevičius)
  150. Can't (Century. Lanzetti)
  151. No one (A. Barto)
  152. No one will be in the house... (B. Pasternak)
  153. A new coat (, Novitskaya)
  154. Christmas snow (W. Shakirov)
  155. New snow (H. Alexandrov)
  156. Night Blizzard (I. Gurin)
  157. Night adventure (Yu Sash)
  158. What a wind! (U. De La Mayor)
  159. Blanket (A. Corinth)
  160. One day in the life mittens (A. Orlov)
  161. Oh, snow! (A. Orlov)
  162. Again winter (A. Twardowski)
  163. Careful snow (B. Stepanov)
  164. Barvoutak (S. Gorodetsky)
  165. First snow (J. Mayor)
  166. First snow (C. Bruce)
  167. First snow (I. Bunin)
  168. First snow (I. Borzov)
  169. First snow (N. Voronova)
  170. First snow (S. Gorodetsky)
  171. First snow (Century. Lanzetti)
  172. First snow (I. Melnychuk)
  173. First snow (I. Petukhov)
  174. Song of snegovikov (I. Petukhov)
  175. Pie (I. Darensky)
  176. The feast of winter (S. Ostrovsky)
  177. In the morning (Century. eagles)
  178. Gift (Century Kudlacek)
  179. Sings winter - aucet (S. Esenin)
  180. Feed the birds (A. Yashin)
  181. Polar (, Shakhnovich)
  182. Tomatoes and pomegranates (A. Orlov)
  183. Porosa (S. Esenin)
  184. After the storm (B. Pasternak)
  185. After a snowfall (E. Serov)
  186. Potency tit! (I. Mannin)
  187. Winter came (that is, Zhdanov)
  188. Winter came (Ecenica)
  189. About boots and snowflakes (A. Orlov)
  190. About snow (Century Prikhodko)
  191. Forecast: frost (I. Gusarov)
  192. Walk (I.e. Blaginina)
  193. Passer-By (So Belozerov)
  194. Blizzard (Century Lunin)
  195. Let the snow warmer (I. Melnychuk)
  196. May already almost half a year... (Century Lunin)
  197. Colored snow (S. Ostrovsky)
  198. Were decorated winter (M pojarova)
  199. River tale (So Belozerov)
  200. Gloves (, Novitskaya)
  201. With the advent of the cold (S. Ostrovsky)
  202. With a walk (C. Solozhenkin)
  203. In the morning reluctantly... (Century Mizinov)
  204. Sledge (A. Shibaev)
  205. Sled (South Of Burnt Areas)
  206. Sled (S. Ostrovsky)
  207. Sled (A. Parachin)
  208. Blue night (Century Fetisov)
  209. Sinitchka in the train (B. Stepanov)
  210. A Tale (That Is, Zhdanov)
  211. How many different hats-different!... (E. Moshkovskii)
  212. The creak of the steps along the streets of the white... (A. FET)
  213. Traces (G. Sapgir)
  214. Footprints in the snow (C. Mullabaev)
  215. Snow (Century Lunin)
  216. Snow (L. Ogurtsova)
  217. Snow Yes snow patterns... (A. Kruglov)
  218. Snow and garden (I. Mannin)
  219. Snowing (H. Giligia)
  220. Snowing (B. Pasternak)
  221. Bullfinches (A. Prokofiev)
  222. Snowman (I. Bokova)
  223. Snowman (I. Gurin)
  224. Snowman (B. Smith)
  225. Snowman (C. Lifshitz)
  226. Snowman (K. Morris)
  227. Snowman (I. Petukhov)
  228. Snowman (C. Simon)
  229. Snowman (D. Cuaco)
  230. Snowfall (Century Berestov)
  231. Snowfall (I. Vasilevskiy)
  232. Snowfall (I. Vinokurov)
  233. Snowfall (E. Fargin)
  234. The Snowhite (I.e. Blaginina)
  235. The Snow Maiden (S. Cohen)
  236. Snowflake (K. Balmont)
  237. Snowflake (Year Head)
  238. Snowflake (L. Ogurtsova)
  239. Snowflakes (I. Borzov)
  240. Snowflakes (N. Goncharov)
  241. Snowflakes (I. Gurin)
  242. Snowflakes (M Klokova)
  243. Snowflakes (S. Kozlov)
  244. Snowflakes (A. Lipetsk)
  245. Snowflakes (A. Melnikov)
  246. Snowflakes (, Novitskaya)
  247. Snowflakes (M Birthplace)
  248. Spinacci-flowers (I. Petukhov)
  249. Snowballs (A. Parachin)
  250. Snowballs (M Khaleeva)
  251. Snow-woman (A. Brodsky)
  252. Snow-woman (I. Demyanov)
  253. Snow-woman (M. Ershov)
  254. Snow Princess (I. Petukhov)
  255. Snow tale (C. Pogorelsky)
  256. Snow fairy (I. Gurin)
  257. Snow candy (I. Vesselinova)
  258. Snow fight (I. Gurin)
  259. Snow shower (A. Orlov)
  260. Snow rabbit (O. Vysotskaya)
  261. Snow (H. Alexandrov)
  262. Snow (I. Vinokurov)
  263. Snow (N. Nekrasov)
  264. Snowball (, Novitskaya)
  265. Snow and Boyfriend (I. Gusarov)
  266. The dream of the earth (G. Tukai)
  267. Icicle (G. Vieru)
  268. Icicle (A. Kondratyev)
  269. Sleeps frost (B. Schwartz)
  270. One hundred clothing items (A. Barto)
  271. Strange winter (I. Vesselinova)
  272. Cold (S. Mikhalkov)
  273. Sproba patter (A. Orlov)
  274. This cold! (N. Aseev)
  275. Three (A. Bosev)
  276. Surprised Oleg (Century Kudlacek)
  277. In The Morning (He Galina)
  278. The patterns on the glass (H. Giligia)
  279. Street walking Santa Claus... (C. Drozhzhin)
  280. Tired of snow (Tim Sobakin)
  281. February (I. Gurin)
  282. February (That Is, Zhdanov)
  283. February (S. Kozlov)
  284. February (P. Solovyov)
  285. Heather Sankey (I. Borzov)
  286. Cold (C. Alibaev)
  287. Cold (A. Shibaev)
  288. Artist (A. Melnikov)
  289. The Enchantress Of Winter... (F. Tyutchev)
  290. What do you do in Winter? (R. Farhadi)
  291. Wonderful picture... (A. FET)
  292. Wonder of wonders (Century Church)
  293. Whose hands all winter hands hot? (Century Berestov)
  294. Coat, scarf, coat, boots (A. parachin)
  295. Puppy and snow (L. deacons)
  296. This will be the cat's house (M Lapikova)
  297. This snow! (G. Sapgir)
  298. I'm going! (I. Bokova)
  299. I know we need to come up with (A. Barto)
  300. I went in winter along the swamp (D. harms)
  301. January (I. Gurin)
  302. January (That Is, Zhdanov)
  303. January (S. Kozlov) (1)
  304. January (S. Kozlov) (2)

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