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The names of the authors

  1. Wind (I.e. The Mayor)
  2. The Wind (A. Bekhterev)
  3. Wind (M. Isakovsky)
  4. Wind (S. Kozlov)
  5. The wind in the forest (A. Barto)
  6. Breeze (, Lugsdin)
  7. Windy (I. Tokmakova)
  8. Winds, storms, hurricanes... (S. Marshak)
  9. Blow, blow, winds (S. Marshak)
  10. As the wolf wind helped (A. Barto)
  11. What color is the wind (C. Lunin)
  12. Pantry wind (So Belozerov)
  13. Lullaby wind (S. Gorodetsky)
  14. The Lord of the wind (N. Shemyakin)
  15. Look... (I.e. The Mayor)
  16. The fight with the wind and rain (So Sobakin)
  17. The conversation winds and osinek (I. Tokmakova)
  18. Three Wind (S. Mikhalkov)

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