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  1. April (A. Barto)
  2. April (I. Gurin)
  3. April (N. Ivanova)
  4. April (S. Kozlov)
  5. April (E. Moshkovskii)
  6. April (That Is, Rannev)
  7. April birch (B. Prikhodko)
  8. Berezkina earrings (I. Aseeva)
  9. It was damp morning (N. Antonova)
  10. In April (C. eagles)
  11. In April the forest (Year Ladonia)
  12. In the class flew spring (S. Ostrovsky)
  13. In the forest (Century Piast)
  14. In March (I. Gusarov)
  15. Rope (A. Barto)
  16. Fun spring (I. Gurin)
  17. Have fun aunola (L. Agrachev)
  18. Merry brook (Century semerson)
  19. Spring (So The Sikorski)
  20. Spring (M Pojarova)
  21. Spring. Child (So Tranny)
  22. Spring miracle (z Alexandrov)
  23. Spring mood (, Lebedev)
  24. Spring news (O. Belyaev)
  25. Spring water (F. Tyutchev)
  26. Spring wind (G. moles)
  27. Spring rain (N. Antonova)
  28. Spring rain (I. Petukhov)
  29. Spring rain (K. Rossetti)
  30. Spring arithmetic (E. Moshkovskii)
  31. Spring story (So Belozerov)
  32. Spring guest (K. Ice (K. N. Rosenblum))
  33. Spring storm (F. Tyutchev)
  34. Spring song (S. Gorodetsky)
  35. Spring song (S. Marshak)
  36. Spring tale (C. Berestov)
  37. Spring (I. Aseeva)
  38. Spring (A. White)
  39. Spring (I.e. Blaginina)
  40. Spring (C. Bogdan)
  41. Spring (I. Gurin)
  42. Yay! (That Is, Zhdanov)
  43. Spring (N. Ivanova)
  44. Spring (Year Ladonia)
  45. Spring (Century Lunin)
  46. Spring (Yu Moritz)
  47. Spring (, Novitskaya)
  48. Spring (A. Pleshcheyev)
  49. Spring (C. North)
  50. Spring (R. SEF)
  51. Spring (B Chaly)
  52. Spring, spring! As the air is clean!.. (E. Baratynsky)
  53. Spring and the kids (So Petukhov)
  54. Spring and stream (Century. Lanzetti)
  55. Spring is coming (A. Barto)
  56. Spring will come (Century Lunin)
  57. Spring draws (A. Shibaev)
  58. Spring (N. Ogarev)
  59. Freckles (Century. Eagles)
  60. Wind (P. Potemkin)
  61. The old house (a Block)
  62. Return singers (, Ladonia)
  63. The Magician (C. Danko)
  64. Sparrow (Century. Eagles)
  65. So ended blizzards (, Novitskaya)
  66. Here we are! (I. Petukhov)
  67. Seasons (L. Modzalevsky)
  68. Everything was green... (C. Drozhzhin)
  69. Break up kidney (, Novitskaya)
  70. To stick the leaf Ile blue flower... (S. Gorodetsky)
  71. Birthday spring (So shcherbachev)
  72. The days are fine... (M plackowski)
  73. Ding-Dong (I. Petukhov)
  74. House spring (C. Danko)
  75. Friends of birds (Century Kremnev)
  76. If brushes hills (E. Bulgakov)
  77. Another spring sweet bliss... (Afet)
  78. Still blowing cold winds... (A. Pushkin)
  79. Crane (E. Blaginina)
  80. Bug chase the cloud (V. Krasavin)
  81. Hello, first spring grass!.. (S. Gorodetsky)
  82. Hello, spring! (S. Gorodetsky)
  83. Green dreams (Century Lunin)
  84. Green poems (Sasha Black)
  85. Green Noise (N. Nekrasov)
  86. Winter is no wonder that angry... (F. Tyutchev)
  87. Goes - comes (U. de La Mayor)
  88. How are the leaves (I. Gurin)
  89. Drops (H. Alexandrov)
  90. When the window knocks April (, Novitskaya)
  91. Over winter (L. Nikolaenko)
  92. All the year round. March (S. Marshak)
  93. All the year round. April (S. Marshak)
  94. All the year round. May (S. Marshak)
  95. Lily Of The Valley (E. Serov)
  96. Lily Of The Valley (N. Frenkel)
  97. Swallow (B. Zakhoder)
  98. Swallow rushed... (A. Maikov)
  99. The Ice (Century. Katowicki)
  100. Ice beard (I. Petukhov)
  101. Face-to-spring (R. SEF)
  102. May (I. Gurin)
  103. May (S. Kozlov)
  104. May (E. Rannev)
  105. May come (I. Gurin)
  106. March (I. Gurin)
  107. March (E. Zhdanov)
  108. March (B. Smith)
  109. March (S. Kozlov)
  110. March (Year Lugsdin)
  111. March (C. Eagles)
  112. March-April (A. Barto)
  113. March drumlets easily (, Novitskaya)
  114. Bear (, Ladonia)
  115. Mimosa (N. Vorontsov-St. George)
  116. On the willow (Sasha Black)
  117. On willow blossomed buds... (K. Balmont)
  118. On the forest edge (N. Antonova)
  119. In the meadow (A. Block)
  120. In the clearing, the path... (B. Zakhoder)
  121. For a walk... Spring (C. Bogdan)
  122. A little heat... (E. Moshkovskii)
  123. Night and day (P. Solovyov)
  124. Waiting for spring (L. Modzalevsky)
  125. The first Lily of the valley (Afet)
  126. The first sheet (F. Tyutchev)
  127. Song of spring (Y. Kolas)
  128. On forests roamed April (I. Gurin)
  129. Snowdrop (E. Serov)
  130. Snowdrop (P. Solovyov)
  131. Callsigns (Century. Eagles)
  132. Help spring (Year Ladonia)
  133. After the winter (A. Barto)
  134. After the flood (I. Bunin)
  135. Last snow (C. North)
  136. The arrival of spring (L. Modzalevsky)
  137. The arrival of spring (Century Zhukovsky)
  138. Come, warm, to the North! (I. Petukhov)
  139. There came the spring? (A. Barto)
  140. About spring (Century Prikhodko)
  141. About the icicles (I. Gusarov)
  142. Broken winter (C. eagles)
  143. Stream (S Moritz)
  144. Red (I.e. Glisi)
  145. Near pine snowdrop... (I. Emelyanov)
  146. Salute to spring (H. Alexandrov)
  147. Country song (A. Pleshcheyev)
  148. Starling (L. Bartold)
  149. Birdhouse (A. Parachin)
  150. Soon summer... (C. Bogdan)
  151. Solar string (I. Petukhov)
  152. Nightingale (I. Shapiro)
  153. Poems about spring (I. Mannin)
  154. Pour the cherry snow (S. Esenin)
  155. So the snow melts, streams run... (A. Pleshcheyev)
  156. Knots (C. Eagles)
  157. Lesson in the garden (A. Barto)
  158. Morning poems (I. Mannin)
  159. Go away gray Winter!.. (A. Maikov)
  160. Cold spring (A. Barto)
  161. The colour of spring (Century. Katowicki)
  162. Flowers (K. Rossetti)
  163. Time (Century, Eagles)
  164. Cherry (S. Esenin)
  165. Chick-chirp! (I. Kosyakov)
  166. Miracles (B. Stepanov)
  167. Whispers of the sun (B. Orlov)
  168. This morning, the joy of this... (Afet)
  169. I'm waiting... (M. Chekhov)

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