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  1. 12 months (L. Ogurtsova)
  2. ABC seasons (B. Stepanov)
  3. Vernissage (O. Bondar)
  4. Sparrows (B. Stepanov)
  5. Sparrow diary (M plackowski)
  6. Times of the year (Century Berestov)
  7. Seasons (A. Goltsev)
  8. Seasons (I. Gurin)
  9. Seasons (A. Kuznetsov)
  10. Times of the school year (So Varlamov)
  11. Year-painter (L. Slutskaya)
  12. The year is (, Ladonia)
  13. Year-steamer (L. Zavalniuk)
  14. The twelve brothers (M Sadowski)
  15. Twelve months (L. Slutskaya)
  16. Twelve months (B. Stepanov)
  17. Track of the year (R. Farhadi)
  18. Golden needles (C. eagles)
  19. The calendar in verse (A. Metzger)
  20. Carousel (L. Zavalniuk)
  21. All year round (S. Marshak)
  22. All year round (S. Mikhalkov)
  23. Who what (Century. eagles)
  24. Mother Nature (A. Usachev)
  25. Teach the names of the months (I. Gurin)
  26. Teach the names of the months - 2 (I. Gurin)
  27. Round year-round In Lunin)
  28. Four colors of the year (I. Surikov)

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