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  1. And my dad... (M Ivanychev)
  2. And dad didn't believe (O. Bondar)
  3. Cars and pedestrians (B. Mikhailov)
  4. Deep in the forest (O. Bondar)
  5. In defense of the popes on March 8 (M Ivanychev)
  6. Back from a walk (O. Bondar)
  7. Now wait a minute, dad! (O. Bondar)
  8. Rotation (O. Bondar)
  9. Heroic dad (O. Bondar)
  10. The Palace of sand (N. Hilton)
  11. Friends (I. Petukhov)
  12. If dad doesn't want (O. Bondar)
  13. Iron (O. Bondar)
  14. Store (O. Bondar)
  15. How to love daddy (O. Bondar)
  16. As dad got married (O. Bondar)
  17. As dad lived in childhood (O. Bondar)
  18. Book (N. Hilton)
  19. Who is the main (O. Bondar)
  20. My horse (L. Yakovlev)
  21. My dad (M Ivanychev)
  22. My dad (I. Petukhov)
  23. A real man (O. Bondar)
  24. Not afraid (O. Bondar)
  25. Can't believe (O. Bondar)
  26. Discussion (Century Ivchenko)
  27. Dad is busy (N. Hilton)
  28. Dad and parent meeting (O. Bondar)
  29. Dad is in the garage (O. Bondar)
  30. Dad can (Century. Katowicki)
  31. Dad tells the tale (O. Bondar)
  32. Dad's secret (I. Petukhov)
  33. Dad's influence (O. Bondar)
  34. Pope (Acting Bunder)
  35. Under an umbrella in the hands of the Pope (Acting Bunder)
  36. After discussion (Century Ivchenko)
  37. With the Pope (B. Kosarev)
  38. With dad in the meadow (B. Mikhailov)
  39. Write me a song, dad... (Century. Katowicki)
  40. Verse of the Pope (I. Shapiro)
  41. A strange disease (E. Rannev)
  42. Mustache (O. Bondar)
  43. Focus (Century. Lanzetti)
  44. Oh, daddy! (I. Petukhov)
  45. I always love him (O. Bondar)

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