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  1. And on the Christmas tree fun toys... (I. Aseeva)
  2. Bouquet (S. Ostrovsky)
  3. In defense of Santa Claus (A. Barto)
  4. Cheerful snowman (I. Gurin)
  5. Near the tree (C. Vysheslavtsev)
  6. Magic engine. New Year (So Shatsky)
  7. Times of the year. December (S. Marshak)
  8. Here it is, our Christmas tree (Century Donnikova)
  9. Got the girls in a circle... (A. Barto)
  10. Met the beasts of the New year (B. Zakhoder)
  11. Chose dad Christmas tree (A. Usachev)
  12. Rose tree (I.e. male)
  13. The birthplace of Santa Claus? (Century. Lanzetti)
  14. The Year Of The Rooster (I. Mordovin)
  15. Lit by the lights of the Christmas tree... (L. Nekrasova)
  16. Two Christmas trees (I. Petukhov)
  17. Two girlfriends (z Alexandrov)
  18. Santa Claus (Z Alexandrov)
  19. Santa Claus (E. Boguslavskaya) (1)
  20. Santa Claus (E. Boguslavskaya) (2)
  21. Santa Claus (I. Gurin)
  22. Santa Claus (I. Gusarov)
  23. Santa Claus (M Klokova)
  24. Santa Claus (A. Parachin)
  25. Santa Claus (I.e. Tarahovsky)
  26. Santa Claus (A. Shibaev)
  27. Santa Claus (?)
  28. Santa Claus paper (C. Wheat)
  29. Santa Claus and animals (I. Gurin)
  30. Santa Claus - Red Nose (N. Mayer)
  31. Santa Claus has sent us a Christmas tree... (B. Petrov)
  32. Santa Claus (C. Bogdan)
  33. It was in January (A. Barto)
  34. Children dance... (So Melnikov)
  35. Children to bed early will fall (S. Marshak)
  36. The long awaited New year (C. Bogdan)
  37. Rides Santa Claus (G. Tukai)
  38. Hedgehog and tree (I. Bokova)
  39. Spruce (I. Tokmakova)
  40. Tree (I. Aseeva)
  41. Tree (A. Barto)
  42. Tree (I.e. Blaginina)
  43. Tree (game) (E. Blaginina)
  44. Tree (K. Dayan)
  45. Tree (E.g. Lugsdin)
  46. Tree (N. Naidenov)
  47. Tree (I. Nikitin)
  48. Tree (I.e. Stukalova)
  49. Tree (K. Fofanov)
  50. Christmas tree in the school (A. Pleshcheyev)
  51. Tree dressed (I.e. Mayor)
  52. Herringbone (Z Alexandrov)
  53. Tree (I. Bokova)
  54. Tree (So Volgin)
  55. Tree (M. Evensen)
  56. Herringbone (M Klokova)
  57. Tree (A. Kuznetsov)
  58. Tree resin (A. Kuznetsov)
  59. Herringbone (B. Soloviev)
  60. Herringbone (D. Khorol)
  61. Tree (K. Chukovsky)
  62. Christmas tree and Christmas tree (So Maralova)
  63. Christmas song (Century Gladysheva)
  64. Christmas chime (E. Grigorieva)
  65. Christmas ball (Century Berestov)
  66. If you end frost... (Century Danko)
  67. Live Christmas tree! (I. Tokmakova)
  68. Outside the window of snowflakes flock... (So Melnikov)
  69. Make a wish (A. parachin)
  70. Make a wish! (So Shatsky)
  71. Riddle (I. Aseeva)
  72. Zaikina letter (I. Petukhov)
  73. Stars-snowflakes (Century Wines)
  74. The winter guest (N. Naidenov)
  75. If it had not been winter (J. Entin)
  76. As animals of Santa Claus was chosen (I.e. Stukalova)
  77. As the animals were waiting for Santa Claus (L. Shevchenko)
  78. Just before the New year (T. Koval)
  79. What color is the New year? (L. Yakovlev)
  80. Carnival (I. Petukhov)
  81. When the New year? (O. Chusovitina)
  82. Kitten and puppy (Century Viktorov)
  83. Crocodile at the carnival (A. Metzger)
  84. Who came? (E. Blaginina)
  85. Forest and field white... (I.e. male)
  86. Forest gifts (I. Gurin) the Cycle of poems
  87. Shop Christmas tree (E. Grigorieva)
  88. The mother tree was decorated with... (B. Petrov)
  89. Masquerade (A. Parachin)
  90. Bear dream (A. Kostakov)
  91. Fashionista (Century. Lanzetti)
  92. We celebrated the New year (P. Sinyavsky)
  93. On prickly shaggy paws... (Shcherbakov Yu)
  94. Sleigh rides (I. Gurin)
  95. In the world it happens... (I. Tokmakova)
  96. Decorate the Christmas tree (I. Gurin)
  97. The real secret (s Moritz)
  98. The New year begins (M Kazarin)
  99. Our Grandfather (B. Bikbai)
  100. Our Christmas tree (E. Ilyina )
  101. Our Christmas tree (Z. Petrov)
  102. Our Christmas tree (A. stern)
  103. New Year (I. Aseeva)
  104. New year's greetings snowman (A. Usachev)
  105. A Christmas accident (Century Berestov)
  106. Christmas miracle (I.e. Stukalova)
  107. Christmas miracle (W. Shakirov)
  108. Christmas night (b'ko)
  109. Christmas toys (So Koval)
  110. Christmas toys (A. Metzger)
  111. Christmas dreams (W. Shakirov)
  112. New year couplets (I. Melnikov)
  113. New year's quatrains
    for kids (So Maralova)
  114. New year carnival (South Belt)
  115. Christmas masquerade (I. Gurin)
  116. Christmas light (I. Gurin)
  117. New year's figure (L. Ogurtsova)
  118. New year's figure (Century Churnosov)
  119. Christmas snow (W. Shakirov)
  120. Christmas dream (I. Gurin)
  121. Christmas surprise (I. Gurin)
  122. Christmas dance (?)
  123. Christmas tree (M. Takhistov)
  124. New year tree (P. Kudasheva)
  125. The new year's eve (E. Grigorieva)
  126. New year's glade (I. Gurin)
  127. Christmas pocitace (So Shatsky)
  128. A Christmas tale (I. Gurin)
  129. A Christmas tale (O. Dreze)
  130. Christmas rhyme (M. Boroditsky)
  131. New year (H. Alexandrov)
  132. New year (A. Andreev)
  133. New year (as vansanten)
  134. New year (V. Venevitinov)
  135. New year (T. Koval)
  136. New year (A. Movie-Mantid)
  137. New year (I. Mordovin)
  138. New year (H. Naidenov)
  139. New year (L. Ogurtsova)
  140. New year (A. parachin)
  141. New year (2) (parachin)
  142. New year (3) (parachin)
  143. New year (A. Rumyantsev)
  144. New year (B. Semenov)
  145. New year (I. Tokmakova)
  146. New year (O. Chusovitina)
  147. New year! (So Shatsky)
  148. New year (?)
  149. New year in the forest (I. Gurin)
  150. New year in the forest (A. parachin)
  151. The new year really begins (C. Bogdan)
  152. New and Old year (I.e. Blaginina)
  153. About the Christmas tree (So Maralova)
  154. Resentment Santa Claus (I. Petukhov)
  155. Whence comes the new year? (A. Usachev)
  156. Before the feast of winter... (So Volgin)
  157. Pirate New year (T. Koval)
  158. A Letter To Santa Claus (A. Parachin)
  159. For the New year (S. Mikhalkov)
  160. For the New year (Century Shumilin)
  161. Gifts Santa Claus (A. Parachin)
  162. Gifts Santa Claus (N. Stojkova)
  163. Gift Santa Claus (I. Petukhov)
  164. The Greeting (I. Petukhov)
  165. Stay with me (So Petukhov)
  166. Almost lullaby (P. Usvyatsov)
  167. Email Santa Claus (I. Gurin)
  168. Holiday fabulous and bright... (O. Alexandrova)
  169. New Year's Eve (N. Kulichenko)
  170. About Christmas tree (I. Gusarov)
  171. About bear (A. parachin)
  172. About Snow Maiden (I. Gusarov)
  173. Bird tree (H. Alexandrov)
  174. Five minutes (So Tranny)
  175. Christmas (Century Prikhodko)
  176. Christmas (Sasha Black)
  177. Lynx racing New Year (K. Avdeenko)
  178. Happy New year (T. Koval)
  179. Happy New year! (A. Parachin)
  180. Happy New year! (G Ramazanov)
  181. Happy New year, snow! (Century. Lanzetti)
  182. The most important Santa Claus (I. Petukhov)
  183. The most important of guests (I. the Chernitsky)
  184. Soon the New year (that is, Stukalova)
  185. Soon the New year (Century Tatarinov)
  186. Soon the New year! (O. Chusovitina)
  187. Soon-soon the New year (I. Gurin)
  188. The Snow Maiden (O. Belyaev)
  189. The Snow Maiden (E. Blaginina)
  190. The Snow Maiden (E. Grigorieva)
  191. The Snow Maiden (I. Gurin)
  192. The Snow Maiden (A. Parachin)
  193. The Snow Maiden (E. Stukalova)
  194. Event (S. Mikhalkov)
  195. Hurry on the tree Santa Claus (O. Korneev)
  196. Become A Grandfather Frost (I. Koval)
  197. The old year (E. Grigorieva)
  198. Old Grandfather Frost (A. Kostakov)
  199. Poems about Christmas tree, gray wolf,
    about the dragonfly and a poor goat (that is, Blaginina)
  200. Surprise (L. Zelenevskaya)
  201. The mystery of Santa Claus (E. Grigorieva)
  202. Cockroach Timosha and New Year (K. Avdeenko)
  203. Quietly spruce swinging... (I. Tokmakova)
  204. "Where are you, Santa Claus? (E. Stukalova)
  205. The Christmas trees (I. Gurin)
  206. One on the feet Kolko... (I. Aseeva)
  207. Drawing lesson (A. Strollo)
  208. Morning (A. Twardowski)
  209. Flashlights-flashlights. New Year (So Shatsky)
  210. What is growing on the tree? (S. Marshak)
  211. What is the New year? (E. Mikhailov)
  212. There was a maiden in the tree (A. Metzger)
  213. I celebrate the New year (So Bokova)
  214. I Snegurochka blind (I.e. Tarahovsky)
  215. 31 December (?)
  216. Collection of new year's quatrains
    and short poems about New year

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