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  1. The Drum (Y. Vladimirov)
  2. In Opera (Century Ivchenko)
  3. In the theater (Century Ivchenko)
  4. Together with her daughter often sing (that is, Rannev)
  5. The Pipe (M Plackowski)
  6. Concert (Century Ivchenko)
  7. "Swan lake" (Century Ivchenko)
  8. Music (M. Brown)
  9. Bach's Music (Century Ivchenko)
  10. Musical instruments (s Oleksiak)
  11. Musical pie (that is, Rannev)
  12. Notes are sick (I.e. Rannev)
  13. Music song (E. Grigorieva)
  14. Orchestra (Y. Vladimirov)
  15. Farewell to music (Century Ivchenko)
  16. A journey through the sounds (s Oleksiak)
  17. Scooter (M. Brown)
  18. Dance school (A. parachin)

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