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  1. Blows something native and ancient (Yu Drunina)
  2. Thanks (Century. Sides)
  3. Cheering Homeland (M Plackowski)
  4. Anthem Of Russia (E. Yevtushenko)
  5. Goy you, Russ my own... (S. Esenin)
  6. Duma of Russia (Q. Kedrin)
  7. Testament (Q. Kedrin)
  8. Hello, my Motherland (Century. eagles)
  9. What is our homeland! (Century. Sides)
  10. Native land (M pojarova)
  11. The best in the world (N. Scored)
  12. Better no native land (P. Voron'ko)
  13. My voice was (A. Akhmatova)
  14. My native district (A. Smetanin)
  15. Moscow-Russia (N. Aseev)
  16. My Homeland (So Tranny)
  17. Our Homeland (, Ladonia)
  18. The vast country (B. Stepanov)
  19. Oh, Motherland! (A. Zhigulin)
  20. About The Homeland (I.e. Male)
  21. About the Homeland, only about the Motherland (R. Gamzatov)
  22. Oh, Russia! With a hard life in the country... (Y. Drunina)
  23. Again I thought about the Motherland (A. Zhigulin)
  24. Song of glory (N. Aseev)
  25. Beautiful name - Russia (A. Dementyev)
  26. Hi (C. Drozhzhin)
  27. Hi, Russia (N. Scars)
  28. Figure (P. Sinyavsky)
  29. Dear country (A. Prokofiev)
  30. Homeland (Z Alexandrov)
  31. Homeland (I. Bokova)
  32. Homeland (A. Zhigulin)
  33. Homeland (Century Semerson)
  34. Homeland (M. Tsvetaeva)
  35. Homeland (E. Asadov)
  36. Homeland yourself not choose... (M. Aliger)
  37. Native land (P. Sinyavsky)
  38. Native land (, Ladonia)
  39. Mother nature (I. Petukhov)
  40. Native nest (, Ladonia)
  41. Russia (I. Mordovin)
  42. Russia (Century Nabokov)
  43. Russia (P. Sinyavsky)
  44. Russia (E. Asadov)
  45. Russia, Russia, Russia (Century Gudimov)
  46. Russia in the heart is not random (Century. Sides)
  47. Russia began not with a sword! (E. Asadov)
  48. Russian house (A. Usachev)
  49. Good morning! (By Ladonia)
  50. Smolensk and Tula, Kiev and Voronezh... (Q. Kedrin)
  51. So will change that son... (N. Starshinov)
  52. We Homeland call (B. Stepanov)
  53. This is the name... (Y. Drunina)
  54. I left the darling house... (S. Esenin)

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