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the names of the authors

  1. Snow White (C. Bogdan)
  2. In kindergarten the kids... (C. wolf)
  3. In our kindergarten
  4. In kindergarten (M Khaleeva)
  5. Wind on the river (H. Alexandrov)
  6. Educator (I. Gurin)
  7. All ready for the kids (Century Donnikova)
  8. Birthday kindergarten (I. Gurin)
  9. Wooden horse (C. Avtonomova)
  10. Kindergarten (O. Vysotskaya)
  11. Kindergarten (V. Sukharev)
  12. Kindergarten (with his song) (T. Shapiro)
  13. Preschoolers (I. Gurin)
  14. Game in the herd (A. Barto)
  15. As Masha in the garden is gathered (I.e. Glisi)
  16. Katya in a manger (z Alexandrov)
  17. Who is to blame? (E. Stukalova)
  18. Forest kindergarten (K. Avdeenko)
  19. My favorite kindergarten! (I. Gurin)
  20. Today we are all guys... (So Agibalova)
  21. Our toys (N. Naidenov)
  22. Our towels (N. Naidenov)
  23. Unusual kindergarten (A. Smetanin)
  24. The new girl (N. Naidenov)
  25. New manger (z Alexandrov)
  26. Olga Pavlovna (N. Naidenov)
  27. Wake-Up (P. Mazikin)
  28. The Last (Century Eremin)
  29. Why say so? (Century Towercom)
  30. Rules of conduct for the educated children in kindergarten
    (G Shalaeva, Zhuravleva O., O. Casanova)
  31. Reception in the manger (C. Bogdan)
  32. About kindergarten (that is, Rannev)
  33. About our fun kindergarten
  34. Myself and the guys In Ladonia)
  35. About the matinee (C. Avtonomova)
  36. Sister (B. Iovlev)
  37. Quiet hours (C. Bogdan)
  38. Quiet hours (N. Lotkin)
  39. Quiet time (I.e. Tarahovsky)
  40. Morning (Century Donnikova)
  41. Morning in a manger (L. Klimanskaya)
  42. Miracles in kindergarten (A. Bekhterev)
  43. Miracle-garden (E. Grigorieva)
  44. I now large (I. Demyanov)

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