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  1. Ah Yes I am! (I. Petukhov)
  2. Butterfly (Century Bardunov)
  3. Butterfly (Year Head)
  4. Biology and Dasha-first-grader (M. Serov)
  5. Ladybug (So Tranny)
  6. Ladybug (Year Head)
  7. Ladybug (F. Grubin)
  8. Ladybug (I.e. Zhdanov)
  9. Ladybug (I. Mordovin)
  10. Ladybug (A. Usachev)
  11. Brothers-ants (E. Zhdanov)
  12. Insects are traceski (I. Koval) the Cycle of poems
  13. Giant (, Posnew)
  14. Fun locust (S. Wheat)
  15. Fun ball (, Galina)
  16. Water Meter (S. Kozlov)
  17. Logomarca (I.e. Zhdanov)
  18. A solution is found! (M Khaleeva)
  19. Eyed butterfly (E. Zhdanov)
  20. Two beetle (M. Moravian)
  21. House for ants (So Sobakin)
  22. Beetle-knocker (I.e. Zhdanov)
  23. Beetle-tin man (G. Sapgir)
  24. Stag-beetle (Century. Lanzetti)
  25. Bug (L. Kvitko)
  26. Bug (A. Usachev)
  27. For ground beetles (So Tranny)
  28. As to the South flew the fly (So Koval) Humorous poem title=
  29. Bug (J. Entin), a Comic poem title=
  30. Collection (Year Pushnew)
  31. Mosquitoes (A. Barto)
  32. Mosquitoes (A. Cimcaw)
  33. Grasshopper (, Luskin)
  34. Grasshopper (I. Mordovin)
  35. Forest light (C. Wheat)
  36. Curious butterfly (, Posnew)
  37. Little grasshopper (S. Kozlov)
  38. Mol (N. Shemyakin)
  39. Ant (Z Alexandrov)
  40. Ant (L. Epanechnikov)
  41. Ant (B. Zakhoder)
  42. Ant (S. Kozlov)
  43. Ant (I. Mordovin)
  44. Ant bought a beetle (Century Suljic) Humorous poem title=
  45. Anthill (So Agibalova)
  46. Ant Hill (N. Hilton)
  47. Ant nation (G. Lebedev)
  48. The fly in the bath (K. Chukovsky)
  49. Fly-Barnett (O. Vysotskaya)
  50. Fly-chistyh (B. Zakhoder) Humorous poem title=
  51. Mohini guests (, Bakhareva)
  52. The mouse and the spider (I. Pivovarova)
  53. Annoying cricket (M plackowski)
  54. The unsung song (G. Lebedev)
  55. Identified (M Yasnov)
  56. Brave ant (Century Suljic) Humorous poem title=
  57. Migratory birds fly (Tim Sobakin)
  58. The song ant (I. Mordovin)
  59. Help (Czech folklore)
  60. About a butterfly (C. Bogdan)
  61. About a butterfly (N. Grahas)
  62. About the loud buzzing of the flies (E. album)
  63. About me and ant (B. Stepanov)
  64. About beetle (A. byshev)
  65. About the bug (C. Bogdan)
  66. Forgive (A. Milne)
  67. Figure (G. Sapgir)
  68. Cricket (A. Usachev)
  69. Cricket (A. Barto)
  70. Fireflies (I. Mordovin)
  71. The secret of the butterfly (N. Shemyakin)
  72. Dragonfly (I.e. Zhdanov)
  73. This is the case (So Tranny)
  74. Cockroach (O. Grigoriev)
  75. Flashlight (A. Barto)
  76. Tea in the garden (journal of Alexandrov)
  77. Time (Century Suljic)
  78. Champion (, Lebedev)
  79. Ball and gnats (A. byshev)
  80. Bumblebee (L. Ogurtsova)
  81. Antlions-Petricek (B. Zakhoder) Humorous poem title=

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