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Photo frames

  1. Frame for baby pictures 1 (PNG format)

  2. Frame for baby pictures 2 (PNG format)

  3. Baby photo frames (PSD format)

  4. Frames for baby pictures with cartoon characters Disney
    (PNG format)

  5. Children's frames for photos with the characters of domestic cartoons
    (PNG format)

  6. Picture frames with Smeshariki

  7. Christmas photo frames

  8. Frame for photos - September 1

  9. Picture frames festive "Masha and the bear"

  10. Set of frames for processing child group photo

School and kindergarten

  1. Certificates and diplomas for kindergartens and schools

  2. Vignettes for kindergarten

  3. Vignettes for schools

  4. Cover and sadowky DVD "Prom" (kindergartens and schools)

  5. Invitation to the prom

  6. Picture frames "School leaving"

  7. Final albums for kindergarten

  8. Final school albums

  9. Templates "My graduation"

For the holidays

  1. Greeting cards-frame for February 23

  2. Greeting frame for March 8


  1. Lesson schedules

  2. Bookmarks for books

  3. Bookmarks for books with cartoon characters Disney

  4. Bookmark W.I.T.C.H.

  5. Bookmark Winx

  6. Bookmarks for girls

  7. Bookmarks Cars

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