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The names of the authors

  1. Bath (G. Lebedev)
  2. Untitled (A. Barto)
  3. Will not... (Century. Katowicki)
  4. Wrong-the bully (So Shatsky)
  5. Bike (Year Head)
  6. Vozvrashcheniye the law (that is, Rannev)
  7. When you grow up soon... (that is, Zhdanov)
  8. To lie or not to lie - that is the question (s Oleksiak)
  9. A Liar (That Is, Stukalova)
  10. As usual in the morning (So Koval)
  11. A bitter joke (A. Barto)
  12. Gifted persons (A. Barto)
  13. Two sons (I. Petukhov)
  14. Grandfather and grandson (A. Shibaev)
  15. Scrapper (I.e. Stukalova)
  16. Friends (I.e. Stukalova)
  17. Two girlfriends (that is, Rannev)
  18. House for a dwarf (Year Head)
  19. Good Peter (A. Metzger)
  20. Uncle-smoker (K. Avdeenko)
  21. His love (A. Barto)
  22. If hit... (A. Barto)
  23. There are Ira (M. Serov)
  24. There are boys (A. Barto)
  25. Radinka (I.e. Stukalova)
  26. Hot (A. Barto)
  27. "For" and "against" (A. Barto)
  28. The Bully (I. Koval)
  29. Forgot... (A. Shibaev)
  30. Envy (Year Head)
  31. Cinderella (Year Head)
  32. Hare tracks (Century. Katowicki)
  33. Mirror and slob (Century. Lanzetti)
  34. Slong (Century. Katowicki)
  35. Golden hands (H. Alexandrov)
  36. Igrushkoi (N. Shemyakin)
  37. Because parents (A. Barto)
  38. The story of Vlas - the idler and idler (Century Mayakovsky)
  39. History on the track (A. Barto)
  40. As Vovka grandparents rescued (A. Barto)
  41. As Vovka adults was (A. Barto)
  42. How the wolf became the older brother (A. Barto)
  43. As I in history hit (So Koval)
  44. Caprice (A. Metzger)
  45. Caprinic (I.e. Rannev)
  46. Kwaluseni ears (K. Avdeenko)
  47. Konavoski-malewicki (K. Avdeenko)
  48. The Slowpoke (I.e. Stukalova)
  49. Mole Egor (K. Avdeenko)
  50. Who spilled jam? (A. Metzger)
  51. Who am I? (A. Barto)
  52. Mom dissatisfied (z Alexandrov)
  53. Mother angel needed (A. Barto)
  54. Mother's helper (A. Metzger)
  55. My mother's tears (I. Petukhov)
  56. The monkey and the spectacles (I.e. Glisi)
  57. Master lomaster (S. Marshak)
  58. Bear boor (A. Barto)
  59. Mishin Creek (L. Ogurtsova)
  60. Thoughts sad (A. Barto)
  61. Nastya and mobilitec (K. Avdeenko)
  62. Not only about Vovk (A. Barto)
  63. Invisible (H. Alexandrov)
  64. Slob (I.e. Stukalova)
  65. NewMake (I.e. Mayor)
  66. Nehochu (Year Head)
  67. Neither "for" nor "against" (A. Barto)
  68. Why? (I. Tokmakova)
  69. Well, wait! (E. Stukalova)
  70. About frugality (A. Barto)
  71. About laziness (Century. Lanzetti)
  72. About chivalry (A. Barto)
  73. About humanity (A. Barto)
  74. The Promise (That Is, Rannev)
  75. One rhyme (S. Mikhalkov)
  76. Glasses (A. Barto)
  77. Peter and his laziness (L. Ogurtsova)
  78. A letter from Slucki with island Babalu (K. Avdeenko)
  79. Bad girl (H. Alexandrov)
  80. Bad mood (L. Ogurtsova)
  81. In a brotherly way (that is, Zhdanov)
  82. Met a gentleman (A. Barto)
  83. Give, give... (A. Barto)
  84. Assistant (Century. Katowicki)
  85. Assistant (A. Barto)
  86. Assistant (A. Markov)
  87. Helper (E. Stukalova)
  88. Ponaroshku (I. Petukhov)
  89. Why I Masha? (That Is, Rannev)
  90. Rules for kids (L. Ogurtsova)
  91. About a girl and a boy No (H. Alexandrov)
  92. About a girl who didn't eat (S. Mikhalkov)
  93. About Mimosa (S. Mikhalkov)
  94. About Thomas (S. Mikhalkov)
  95. Walk (That Is, Zhdanov)
  96. Forgive (That Is, Zhdanov)
  97. Sorry (So Petukhov)
  98. The Conversation (A. Barto)
  99. Crayfish-bake (K. Avdeenko)
  100. The routine (s Oleksiak)
  101. The story of an unknown hero (S. Marshak)
  102. Rasterisk (M. Brown)
  103. Rasterisk (I.e. Rannev)
  104. Muddler (I.e. Stukalova)
  105. Gloves I forgot (A. Barto)
  106. Holy lie (A. Barto)
  107. The tale of Peter, a fat child, and Shem, which is fine (Century Mayakovsky)
  108. How many times have you been told... (I.e. Stukalova)
  109. Conscience (A. Barto)
  110. Sonia (A. Barto)
  111. Forty (A. Movie-Mantid)
  112. Forty and the phone (I.e. Glisi)
  113. Quarrel (N. Hilton)
  114. Poems about the barabashka (I.e. Rannev)
  115. Son (E. Stukalova)
  116. Tamer (A. Barto)
  117. So why promise? (A. Metzger)
  118. Want (L. Ogurtsova)
  119. Oink-oink (N. Shemyakin)
  120. What you can take from the fool... (I.e. Stukalova)
  121. Which is dangerous, unsafe (s Oleksiak)
  122. What is good and what is bad? (Century Mayakovsky)
  123. What Katya on the bed? (G. Lebedev)
  124. Chukomina (I.e. Zhdanov)
  125. Went yesterday I Garden (A. Barto)
  126. Joke about Sorocco (A. Barto)
  127. Oh, if only!.. (A. Barto)
  128. All I do (that is, Rannev)
  129. I thought adults don't lie (A. Barto)
  130. I didn't like him (A. Barto)
  131. Sneak (I.e. Rannev)
  132. Sneak (I.e. Stukalova)
  133. Bullseye (I.e. Stukalova)

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