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The names of the authors

  1. Aibolit (K. Chukovsky)
  2. Aibolit and Sparrow (K. Chukovsky)
  3. Sneezy!, or the Tale of the fat and honey (K. Avdeenko)
  4. Barmaley (K. Chukovsky)
  5. Vanya-player (K. Avdeenko)
  6. Guguletu (So Tranny)
  7. Geese and swans (N. Shemyakin)
  8. Brownie (So Tranny)
  9. Enchanted forest (N. Hilton)
  10. A story about how the pirate couldn't say the letter "P" (I. Koval)
  11. Kolobok (N. Shemyakin)
  12. Comments for images (A. Rumyantsev)
  13. Cats (N. Shemyakin)
  14. Stolen sun (K. Chukovsky)
  15. Crocodile (an old tale) (K. Chukovsky)
  16. Care (K. Avdeenko)
  17. Moidodyr (K. Chukovsky)
  18. My friend is a dwarf (So Tranny)
  19. Fly-Buzzing (K. Chukovsky)
  20. Mixed up fairy tale (K. Chukovsky)
  21. Confusion (K. Chukovsky)
  22. About how the spider decided to make friends with flies (I. Koval)
  23. From the sky a star fell (So Koval)
  24. Mumps uncle Pinky (K. Avdeenko)
  25. The tale of the whale (N. Shemyakin)
  26. Tales collector of herbs. The first tale (So Tranny)
  27. Fairyland (I. Koval)
  28. Arakanese (K. Chukovsky)
  29. Phone (K. Chukovsky)
  30. Toptygin and Fox (K. Chukovsky)
  31. Toptygin and the Moon (K. Chukovsky)
  32. The morning of the magician (So Tranny)
  33. Pecorino mountain (K. Chukovsky)
  34. The miracle tree (K. Chukovsky)
  35. Algor (So Tranny)
  36. I tale you will tell about orange garden (C. Wines)

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