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Puzzles and mathematical problems
Table of contents

  1. The compass needle
  2. How to divide 5 apples
  3. How to write the expression
  4. Perevezu across the river wolf, goat and cabbage
  5. 10 coins 10 bags
  6. 3 cans of biscuits
  7. Increase the number
  8. What time is it?
  9. 3 tablets
  10. 6 pieces of chain
  11. As the action unfolds
  12. When you empty the samovar
  13. 2 harrows
  14. Cut a horseshoe with an axe
  15. As a pond overgrown with lilies
  16. How to distinguish gold coin
  17. Take in the dark pair of socks
  18. Antique clocks
  19. The length of the money
  20. How many eggs will carry half chicken
  21. Lifts are coming race
  22. How many geese in a flock?
  23. How to shift the matches
  24. Head and feet at the zoo
  25. 3 = 7
  26. On the stone, as on the feather bed
  27. a = b ?
  28. What are we talking about?
  29. Beetles on the chessboard
  30. Many times the atomic nucleus is less than the atom?
  31. Make a number of...
  32. How to carry water in a sieve?
  33. The cyclists are riding towards
  34. The amount of Sun and Earth
  35. Is it possible for the plane to fly to the moon?
  36. Mat with cut corners
  37. The speed of light
  38. As the needle to pierce the coin?
  39. Trains are traveling towards
  40. How many pins will fit in the Cup?
  41. The portrait in the Cabinet Petrova
  42. Missionary in captivity by savages
  43. The line is divided into 6 segments
  44. Coin in a bowl of water
  45. Three missionaries and three cannibal in the boat
  46. What day is tomorrow?
  47. The thief-acrobat steals a rope
  48. As he guessed the number?
  49. The driver was not deaf!
  50. The water behind the window
  51. Two gauge
  52. The three travelers with smeared foreheads
  53. Triangles made of matches
  54. The square of matches
  55. Climbing a mountain
  56. The train goes from Moscow to Vladivostok
  57. Trace a shape without lifting pencil
  58. The sculptor and his statues
  59. Mathematician and merchant
  60. New year new style
  61. Shot of the match
  62. To cigarettes is not in contact
  63. Truth seeker, a Liar, and Diplomat
  64. A hot air balloon trip
  65. Chitchat
  66. Lagging clock
  67. Crocodile-survivor
  68. Round pond
  69. How to boil water in a paper box?
  70. General strategist
  71. The rabbit escapes from the chase
  72. What share numbers?
  73. Who is older?
  74. Truth-seekers and liars
  75. The handkerchief under the bottle
  76. Great-grandmother and great-grandfather
  77. Three five
  78. 3 x 2 = 4 ?
  79. Connect the dots without lifting pencil
  80. The dialogue in store household goods
  81. Rain or sun?
  82. Where's the RUB?
  83. Is it possible to swim in this pool?
  84. What more?
  85. How much is the line?
  86. Libery and Democrats
  87. How much does a bottle and stopper?
  88. How old is the person?
  89. How many stairs you need to go?
  90. What number wrote mathematician?
  91. How to shake the smoke out of the bottle?
  92. How old are the brothers and their father?
  93. Holes on folded paper
  94. Cut the rectangle into equal parts
  95. Fruit basket
  96. Pets
  97. Hunters
  98. Divide a shape into equal parts
  99. Divide without a remainder
  100. English and German
  1. How to cast half of the water out of the vessel
  2. When the same hour and minute hands
  3. Boat and raft
  4. How many eggs will hatch chicken
  5. How to write the number 100
  6. How many days in a year we rest
  7. Empty and full glasses
  8. Is it possible to build a house per second
  9. Task-joke about the wrong word
  10. Deception in the pet store
  11. That you light first?
  12. Diagonal brick
  13. How many hours you sleep?
  14. True and false
  15. The problem of the eight-digit number
  16. Perimeter and area of shapes
  17. Cubes and squares
  18. Half half half
  19. Sasha Ivanov on Mars
  20. How old is he?
  21. Make orange paint
  22. More-less
  23. The squares of the matches
  24. Football team
  25. Father and son
  26. A bag of nails
  27. Liars
  28. Locate the three-digit number
  29. Equality made of matches
  30. Home
  31. Day and night
  32. Two baskets of apples
  33. The task is to joke about suit pigs
  34. Buckets of water on the scales
  35. The weighted portfolios
  36. Ships crossing the Atlantic
  37. Thorough washing
  38. Six circles on the plane
  39. Cut two feet from the piece of cloth
  40. Sticks, drawn on paper
  41. Born composer
  42. Count the cubes
  43. Eyes do not need to view?
  44. Old parrot
  45. Three calf
  46. As the other person has to guess the number?
  47. Escape from prison
  48. Seven rubles on the road
  49. Divide the figure by circles
  50. Wrap around the equator
  51. How many days will suffice cloth
  52. 4 squares of matches
  53. The wheel on the river
  54. Sharing in a communal apartment
  55. Divide the number with no remainder
  56. To build in a row
  57. Circles on the water
  58. The age of the father and the son
  59. A pile of socks in the closet
  60. Tetrad page the size of an atom
  61. Brick and brick
  62. Photo of the tower
  63. A large number of four units
  64. Ustoichivosti three-legged table
  65. The horizon
  66. Only two digits
  67. Consider the angle in Lupu
  68. Steel wire around the equator
  69. The magnitude of the acute angle
  70. The number 1000
  71. The father gives his sons money
  72. What bigger box
  73. Three consecutive numbers
  74. Bone and the flesh of the cherry
  75. Square piece of cloth
  76. The moon and the Sun
  77. A unit of ten digits
  78. As he guessed conceived?
  79. To Express the number in three identical numbers
  80. The largest number of three digits
  81. How to make a bookshelf
  82. Construct a right angle without tools
  83. Focus by guessing
  84. Superpeers
  85. Dial
  86. Three boxes
  87. The giant and the dwarf
  88. The angle between the time arrows
  89. As flying aircraft
  90. Scoop litter
  91. Boring people don't exist?
  92. What a watermelon is more profitable to buy
  93. The column of cubes
  94. Flight of the helicopter
  95. Hour and minute hands
  96. Cross from 12 matches
  97. To measure the distance with a compass
  98. The secret of fast multiplication
  99. Wide and narrow mugs
  100. The snail climbs the tree


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