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(September 27)


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The day of the educator and preschool employees - professional holiday in the Russian Federation.
Established on 27 September 2004 at the initiative of several national pedagogical publications.
He was supported by the authors of the most basic preschool programs, teachers of kindergartens and many parents.
And now the celebration of the "day of the teacher and preschool workers" goes on an official level.

  1. Educators! Nicer you are not in the world!
  2. Teachers (L. Litvak)
  3. Teachers nursery (Ie, Black)
  4. Educator (N. Ivanova)
  5. Educator expensive!
  6. The Teacher (So Illarionov)
  7. The kindergarten teacher (B. Pavlov)
  8. Caregiver
  9. Teachers (B. Pavlov)
  10. Teachers
  11. Do it! Song young educators (C. Bogdan)
  12. Second mother
  13. You give us joy and care
  14. The prom.
    Scripting elements to the speech of the parents (O. Zubko)
  15. Dear educators
  16. For educators!
  17. Head (So Illarionov)
  18. Look in kindergarten (I. Shapiro)
  19. People who would never rest (C. Bogdan)
  20. We'll sing you the chorus of glory
  21. Our kindergarten (I.e. Semiletov)
  22. Our ospitalita (E. Kravchenko)
  23. Our caregivers
  24. It is not easy to be a teacher...
  25. From parents - bow!
  26. The staff of the kindergarten graduation celebration
    from grateful parents (I. Mikhailenko)
  27. Wish caregiver
  28. Congratulations to the teacher (I. Belyaeva)
  29. Congratulations to the teacher (So Zhmurko)
  30. Congratulations to the teacher (O. Ershova)
  31. Congratulations to the teacher (M. SC)
  32. Congratulations to the teacher (N. Polish)
  33. Congratulations on the Day of educator (A. Reznikov)
  34. Congratulations to the teacher (Acting Segarini)
  35. Congratulations to the teacher (Century Tsukanov)
  36. Congratulations to educators! (E. Kravchenko)
  37. Happy teacher
  38. Let a smile always Shine
  39. Employees of the kindergarten (S. Murzin) the Cycle of poems
  40. The meaning of life. Song of the kindergarten teachers (C. Bogdan)
  41. Thank you that there is light
  42. Thank you, teachers!
  43. Thanks caregiver (O. Demin)
  44. Thank you teachers
  45. Thanks for our kids!
  46. Poems caregiver (I. Samarin-Labyrinth)
  47. Verses for the Day caregiver (O. Romanova)
  48. Poems-dedicated to the teachers and nurses (N. Louchakova)

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