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The names of the authors

  1. Oh TA-AK?! (I. Petukhov)
  2. Boots (E. Stukalova)
  3. Cockhorse (C. Danko)
  4. Lovers (That Is, Rannev)
  5. Grandson and grandfather (I. Petukhov)
  6. The magic word (C. Danko)
  7. Grandfather (So Trunk)
  8. My grandfather (E. Sanitary)
  9. Unlucky grandfather (C. Ivchenko)
  10. The honorary title (N. Hilton)
  11. Let them play (I. Petukhov)
  12. Daily Newspapers (N. Hilton)
  13. Glory, glory to God! (I. Petukhov)
  14. The multiplication table (I. Petukhov)

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