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  1. Baggage (S. Marshak)
  2. That's the kind of absent-minded (S. Marshak)
  3. All boys and girls... (A. Smetanin)
  4. You want for Breakfast (A. Smetanin)
  5. If walking around the city... (A. Smetanin)
  6. The earthly gravity (I. Koval)
  7. Tapered (S Oleksiak)
  8. Inventor (N. Shemyakin)
  9. Yogi (A. Byshev)
  10. Every little artist (A. Smetanin)
  11. When you realize parents (A. Smetanin)
  12. House of mirrors (M plackowski)
  13. Crocodile (I.e. Rannev)
  14. Who built spooky chair (A. Smetanin)
  15. Dashing captain (A. Smetanin)
  16. Spoon for mom (A. Smetanin)
  17. Fiction (A. Byshev)
  18. Neuzil and Naturile (So Tranny)
  19. Clumsy (So Tranny)
  20. About space (A. Smetanin)
  21. Lunch in the invisible country (I.e. album)
  22. A refutation of the theory about the harmfulness of candy (A. Smetanin)
  23. Why tell an adult (A. Smetanin)
  24. Flight (S Oleksiak)
  25. Princess (That Is, Rannev)
  26. About departed suitcase (that is, album)
  27. About The Frog Princess (L. Ogurtsova)
  28. Different socks (N. Hilton)
  29. Twisted song (K. Chukovsky)
  30. Juicer (A. Smetanin)
  31. Centipede (A. Byshev)
  32. Fedorka (K. Chukovsky)
  33. It would be good! (M Plackowski)
  34. The Braves (K. Chukovsky)
  35. Khudamul (So Tranny)
  36. Four old ladies (z Alexandrov)
  37. What I think (So Koval)
  38. E-the postman (A. Smetanin)
  39. I'm on cloud flew (M plackowski)
  40. I'm sitting on a cloud (A. Smetanin)

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