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Tales from the old Soviet records


    Russian folk tales

  1. Alyosha Popovich
  2. Baba Yaga and berries
  3. The wolf and the seven little kids
  4. Two Frost
  5. Two of the tale of tricky Fox
  6. The crane and the Heron
  7. Bunny and Liska
  8. As the Fox and the sheep a wolf punished
  9. As a man of geese shared
  10. Porridge from axe
  11. Kolobok
  12. Kurochka Ryaba
  13. The Fox and the thrush
  14. The Fox and the goat
  15. Fox with schlocky
  16. Masha and the bear
  17. Resourceful soldier
  18. The chicken and bean seed
  19. Cock and malenka
  20. Bubble, straw and lapta
  21. Go out there do not know where
  22. The seven-year plan
  23. Sivka-burka
  24. Telecheck
  25. Smart granddaughter
  26. The frog Princess
  27. Tales of the world

  28. Goldilocks
  29. Tales, H. Andersen

  30. The ugly duckling
  31. Thumbelina
  32. Tales Of Charles Perrault

  33. Little Red Riding Hood
  34. Tales of Russian writers

  35. The scarlet flower. The Tale S. Aksakov
  36. The tale about priest and his worker Balda. The Tale Of A. Pushkin
  37. The tale of the fisherman and the fish. The Tale Of A. Pushkin
  38. Tales and stories of Soviet writers

  39. Blue Cup (Story A. Gaidar)
  40. Adventures Of Neznaika (Tale N. Nosova)
  41. Dunno-the traveler (Tale N. Nosova)
  42. Three fat men (Tale Y. Olesha)
  43. Hourglass (Tale Century Kaverin) the Text of the tale
  44. Silver hoof (the Tale P. Bazhov) the Text of the tale
  45. N. Sladkov. Tales
  46. Tales Of Vladimir Suteev:
  47. The mouse and the Pencil
  48. Cock and Paint
  49. Different wheels
  50. Under the mushroom
  51. The wand
  52. Apple
  53. Who said "meow"?
  54. Fisher cat
  55. The boat
  56. Fairy tale fun pencil
  57. Poems Of Sergey Mikhalkov:
  58. Uncle Stepa
  59. Uncle Stepan - police officer
  60. Uncle Stepa and Egor
  61. Uncle Stepa - veteran
  62. Tales Of Alexander Volkov:
  63. The wizard of the emerald city
  64. Tales of foreign writers

  65. Star boy. The Tale Of O. Wilde
  66. The famous duck Tim. The tale of Enid Blyton the Text of the tale
  67. The kid and Karlsson on the roof. The Tale Of Astrid Lindgren
  68. Music shop. The Tale L. Laguta
  69. Mary Poppins. The Tale Of Pamela Travers
  70. We are on the island Saltcake. The Tale Of Astrid Lindgren
  71. The Rasmus-bum. The Tale Of Astrid Lindgren
  72. The Nutcracker. The Tale Of E. T. A. Hoffmann
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