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  1. Indian summer (D. Kedrin)
  2. Storm (A. Shibaev)
  3. In aspen forest (B. Stepanov)
  4. In the forest now lighter and quieter (Century. eagles)
  5. In the window friend Autumn (B. Rudenko)
  6. In October (that is, Zhdanov)
  7. In October (Year Ladonia)
  8. On a clear autumn day (S. Kozlov)
  9. Correct sign (, Ladonia)
  10. Fun puddle (I. Gurin)
  11. Sparrow (B. Stepanov)
  12. All the trees circled (Century. the great))
  13. In the fields dry corn stalks... (I. Bunin)
  14. Where you go, the autumn? (J. Mayor)
  15. Blue sky, bright colors (I. Butrimova)
  16. Mushrooms (I. Gurin)
  17. Sad autumn (N. Samoniy)
  18. Gifts of autumn (I. Petukhov)
  19. Rain (R. Militia)
  20. Tree (O. Vysotskaya)
  21. If (S. Mikhalkov)
  22. Early autumn has... (F. Tyutchev)
  23. Even mushrooms smell of the woods (, Novitskaya)
  24. The complaint trees (L. Kvitko)
  25. Yellow paint someone... (N. Dmitriev-Alexi)
  26. Beetle (A. Barto)
  27. Shook the leaves, circling (A. FET)
  28. Bunny (A. Block)
  29. You know autumn? (That Is, Olkhovik)
  30. Golden autumn (B. Pasternak)
  31. Rain of gold (M forest)
  32. The game in the heat (A. Barto)
  33. From the life of green leaves (D. Livnev)
  34. Carpet (Century. eagles)
  35. The end of the summer... (I. Tokmakova)
  36. All the year round. October (S. Marshak)
  37. All the year round. September (S. Marshak)
  38. Swallows are gone... (A. FET)
  39. Flying dogdance (I. Demyanov)
  40. Sheet (A. Starikov)
  41. Defoliation (I. Bunin)
  42. Defoliation (I. Butrimova)
  43. Defoliation (Yu Korinets)
  44. Defoliation (Century Ponomarenko)
  45. Defoliation (I.e. Male)
  46. Defoliation (A. Shibaev)
  47. Beam in stained glass (I. Smolnikov)
  48. Medal (M Plackowski)
  49. On the road, on the footpath (L. Nelyubov)
  50. Winter (C. eagles)
  51. Outfit of the leaves (A. parachin)
  52. Did autumn Affairs (I. Gurin)
  53. You don't see the birds. Obediently pines... (I. Bunin)
  54. Stranger autumn (I. Lavrov)
  55. The Weather (A. Tikhonov)
  56. Uncompressed band (N. Nekrasov)
  57. Night piece (Century. eagles)
  58. The compressed fields, groves goals... (S. Esenin)
  59. Overnight (So Belozerov)
  60. Nov-R-R! (G. Lebedev)
  61. November (I. Gurin)
  62. November (That Is, Zhdanov)
  63. November (S. Kozlov)
  64. November (A. Twardowski)
  65. About red evening thought the road (S. Esenin)
  66. Waiting (A. Tikhonov)
  67. October (C. Berestov)
  68. October (S. Kozlov)
  69. October (, Novitskaya)
  70. October I came... (A. Pushkin)
  71. October dawn (I. Bunin)
  72. Autumn (I. Lavrov)
  73. Autumn feeling (N. Ogarev)
  74. Autumn miracle (N. Samoniy)
  75. Autumn late time (F. Tyutchev)
  76. Autumn job (Century. eagles)
  77. Autumn leaves in the wind circle (A. Maikov)
  78. Autumn gifts (that is, Zhdanov)
  79. Autumn waltz (I. Butrimova)
  80. Autumn wind (O. Bagaeva)
  81. Autumn wind (A. Bosev)
  82. Autumn treasure (I. Pivovarova)
  83. Autumn gamma (L. Stanchev)
  84. Autumn song (A. Pleshcheyev)
  85. Autumn tale (, Novitskaya)
  86. Autumn patter (So Tranny)
  87. Autumn (Century Avdiyenko)
  88. Autumn (1) (So Agibalova)
  89. Autumn (2) (So Agibalova)
  90. Autumn (J. Mayor)
  91. Autumn (K. Balmont)
  92. Autumn (Century Bardunov)
  93. Autumn (So Belozerov)
  94. Autumn (E. Bulgakov)
  95. Autumn (I. Gurin)
  96. Autumn (I. Demyanov)
  97. Fall (N. Ivanova)
  98. Autumn (M. Evensen)
  99. Autumn (I.e. Antulov)
  100. Autumn (Y. Kapustin)
  101. Autumn (M. Brown)
  102. Autumn (M. Lermontov)
  103. Autumn (A. Maikov)
  104. Autumn (, Novitskaya)
  105. Autumn (L. Ogurtsova)
  106. Autumn (A. Pleshcheyev)
  107. Autumn (I.e. Stukalova)
  108. Autumn (L. Tatianicheva)
  109. Autumn (I. Tokmakova)
  110. Autumn (Ulita)
  111. Autumn (Z Fedorovskaya)
  112. Autumn gold (C. Bogdan)
  113. Autumn-the seamstress (I. Gusarov)
  114. Autumn in the forest (A. Gontar, translation Century. Berestovo)
  115. Autumn in the forest (I. Gurin)
  116. Autumn dance quietly crying (N. Samoniy)
  117. Autumn is my favorite time (M. Mueller)
  118. Autumn crying quietly behind the window (So Lavrov)
  119. The autumn. The silence in the suburban village (N. Matveeva)
  120. The autumn. Thickets of the forest. The dry moss bogs.. (I. Bunin)
  121. Autumn (A. Barto)
  122. In The Fall (So Tranny)
  123. Autumn (A. FET)
  124. Aspen leaf (C. Biryukov)
  125. Wasps (B. Stepanov)
  126. Landscape with nature (, Novitskaya)
  127. Before the rain (N. Nekrasov)
  128. Before winter (I. Mannin)
  129. Late autumn (C. Bogdan)
  130. Late autumn (, Ladonia)
  131. After the bird's farewell concert (So Belozerov)
  132. Look how beautiful day (I. Mannin)
  133. Darkened branches (B. Stepanov)
  134. Why autumn trees shed leaves? (Century Of Eagles)
  135. Why trees do not shed needles? (Century Of Eagles)
  136. The harvest festival (I. Bokova)
  137. The approach of autumn (I. Butrimova)
  138. Beautiful autumn (I. Arzhannikova)
  139. Birds fly (B. Stepanov)
  140. His maps of star bulk... (Rainy Heart)
  141. Seventh autumn (Century Prikhodko)
  142. September (So Belozerov)
  143. September (I. Gurin)
  144. September (N. Z )
  145. September (S. Kozlov)
  146. September (I. Mannin)
  147. Threw the green caftan summer... (Q. Kedrin)
  148. Boring picture! (A. Pleshcheyev)
  149. Glorious autumn (N. Nekrasov)
  150. After summer autumn goes (B. Stepanov)
  151. Bold artist (A. Barto)
  152. Again autumn (A. Chernyshev)
  153. It was cold in the forest (I. Gurin)
  154. Happiness (G. Moles)
  155. Quietly (So Tranny)
  156. Pumpkin (A. Parachin)
  157. So the sky in the autumn breathed... (A. Pushkin)
  158. Was flying swans (C. Prikhodko)
  159. Fly to the sky birds (A. parachin)
  160. Fly away, fly away... (that is, Blaginina)
  161. A sad time! Eyes charm! (A. Pushkin)
  162. The lesson of the falling leaves (Century Berestov)
  163. Wearily all around: tired and color of heaven... (A. FET)
  164. Morning. Cold. Autumn... (Century Prikhodko)
  165. In the morning we in the yard we go... (I.e. male)
  166. Orchard (A. parachin)
  167. Hlopotunya (B. Stepanov)
  168. Colourful autumn (S. Marshak)
  169. We fall will bring? (L. Nekrasova)
  170. Joke about Sorocco A. Barto)
  171. Amber leaf flutters in the wind (So Lavrov)
  172. Bright autumn (I. Lavrov)

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