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Best of all math fun - with lyrics!
  1. Arithmetic (A. Barto)
  2. In snow fell Earring...
  3. In fish Kingdom (Century Kudryavtseva)
  4. Along the ravine was the cap
  5. The correct answer (a, Gabrielian)
  6. Merry arithmetics (A. Goltsev)
  7. Fun mathematics (Century Savichev)
  8. Fun figures (A. Goltsev)
  9. Fun figures (A. parachin)
  10. Hilarious bill (S. Marshak)
  11. Hilarious account (Century Savichev)
  12. Hilarious account (M Sendak)
  13. Hilarious account (So Shatsky)
  14. Fun score from 0 to 10 (M. Schwartz)
  15. Magic numbers (O. Emelyanova)
  16. All I can count (M plackowski)
  17. The subtraction. Puzzles in poems for kids (O. Emelyanova)
  18. Tick-counting (B. Stepanov)
  19. Where the small rabbit?
  20. Geese and arithmetic (M. Serov)
  21. Come on guys, learn to read... (Y. Yakovlev)
  22. Two and three (B. Zakhoder)
  23. Twice two (C. Danko)
  24. Ten stories (S. Marshak)
  25. Unit (I. Glazkova)
  26. Unit (G. Sapgir)
  27. Unit-the bully (C. Danko)
  28. Vest (, Novitskaya)
  29. Funny arithmetic (A. Goltsev)
  30. Funny account (A. Smetanin)
  31. Task (Century Kudryavtseva)
  32. The problem with apples (L. Panteleev)
  33. Wanted one...
  34. Mirror (Century. Eagles)
  35. One evening the bear... (B. Zakhoder)
  36. The Kingdom of numbers (O. Emelyanova)
  37. Little house (E. Fargin)
  38. In the kitchen (A. byshev)
  39. Over the river was flying birds
  40. Let's start with the tail (N. Conversations)
  41. New home
  42. Zero
  43. Count (N. Vladimirov)
  44. One grasshopper chirping
  45. Nuts in your pocket (M Gaziev)
  46. Finger Vachika (, Gabrielian)
  47. Pies
  48. Plus and minus (A. Strollo)
  49. An example of subtraction (a, Gabrielian)
  50. Example add (a, Gabrielian)
  51. Direct bill (H. Vladimirov)
  52. Five plus five
  53. Five sons (Century OCEEA)
  54. One - two - three - four - five! (H. Alexandrov)
  55. One, two, three, four, five
  56. Seven forty (A. Usachev)
  57. Starlings (B. Stepanov)
  58. Addition. Puzzles in poems for kids (O. Emelyanova)
  59. Addition and subtraction (W. Galiev)
  60. A difficult task (A. Smetanin)
  61. Centipede (Century. Katowicki)
  62. Comparison of the numbers. Puzzles in poems for kids (O. Emelyanova)
  63. Poems about numbers
  64. Poems-puzzles (A. Smetanin)
  65. The account up to five (school grades) (C. Pogorelsky)
  66. Account on the fingers (I.e. Zhdanov)
  67. Count from 1 to 10 (C. Asinina)
  68. The poems are riddles about numbers (O. Emelyanova)
  69. Counting-out. Ordinal score for kids (O. Emelyanova)
  70. The multiplication table (M Kazarin)
  71. The multiplication table (So Sobakin)
  72. The pelvis and vase (A. Kondratyev)
  73. Tape-bloopers (Century Kudryavtseva)
  74. Lesson account (So Akhmadov)
  75. Figures (M Ivanychev)
  76. What's in the bag
  77. I think (Century. eagles)

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