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Many children's poets have thematic cycles of poems for each letter of the alphabet. These verses help to learn to read fun playing. In this section we have assembled the following collection of poems.
  1. Bus number twenty-six (S. Marshak)
  2. ABC (G. Vieru)
  3. ABC (S. Mikhalkov)
  4. ABC in riddles (I. Glazkova)
  5. ABC in riddles (O. Emelyanova)
  6. ABC in riddles (So Shatsky)
  7. The alphabet verses (I. Goriunova)
  8. The alphabet verses (S. Marshak)
  9. The alphabet verses (C. Maralova)
  10. ABC spring (L. Slutskaya)
  11. Alphabet of trees and plants (I. Goriunova)
  12. ABC for girls (P. Sinyavsky)
  13. Alphabet for boys (P. Sinyavsky)
  14. ABC for kids (L. Grzybowska)
  15. ABC for loud reading to their parents (M. Schwartz)
  16. ABC house (I. Goriunova)
  17. The spiritual alphabet (the riddle) (E. Grigorieva)
  18. ABC caring parents (M. Schwartz)
  19. ABC mystery about birds and zviratkach (N. Kindness)
  20. Alphabet toys (B. Stepanov)
  21. Alphabet names (I. Goriunova)
  22. Alphabet names (Century. eagles)
  23. ABC little Russian (I. Ageev)
  24. ABC-toon (I. Goriunova)
  25. ABC at the Bazaar, or letters went out to sell (L. Forty)
  26. ABC professions (And. Ilh)
  27. Alphabet with names (L. Ulanova)
  28. ABC-tale (I. Gurin)
  29. ABC dreamers (B. Zakhoder)
  30. A large letter "A" (S. Kozlov)
  31. The Letter "I" (B. Zakhoder)
  32. Bukvic (I.e. Blaginina)
  33. Bukarest (I. Tokmakova)
  34. Letters around us (L. Forty)
  35. Letters and sounds (N. Hilton)
  36. The letters speak with us (C. Pogorelsky)
  37. Faithful service and the eternal friendship of numbers and letters (D. Sognatori)
  38. Fun car alphabet (A. parachin)
  39. Fun alphabet (I. Witkowska)
  40. Fun alphabet (I. Krasnikova)
  41. Funny animals (I. Koval)
  42. Fun alphabet (K. Lvov)
  43. Delicious alphabet (for the sweet tooth) (S. Kondratyev)
  44. Delicious ABC (P. Sinyavsky)
  45. Delicious alphabet (L. Slutskaya)
  46. Magic alphabet (B. Stepanov)
  47. Magic alphabet. Riddle-nursery rhymes for children (O. Emelyanova)
  48. Diet termite (B. Zakhoder)
  49. Road ABC in riddles (Century. Katowicki)
  50. Live ABC (A. Goltsev)
  51. Live ABC (Sasha Black)
  52. Live letters (S. Marshak)
  53. Live letters (the riddle) (that is, Rannev)
  54. Crane book (G. Sapgir)
  55. Funny alphabet (G. Sapgir)
  56. Riddles about letters (A., Khrebtov)
  57. Riddle-folds (I. Ageev)
  58. Hello, read my (M Yasnov)
  59. Winter alphabet (A. Metzger)
  60. Zoological ABC (B. Pavlov)
  61. Erincin alphabet (So Logacheva)
  62. As the letters get married (Yu Vronsky)
  63. Book-uciska for Mama's little girl (N. Lunin)
  64. Cool alphabet (Alphabet names (I. Lavrov)
  65. Forest ABC (S. Ivanov)
  66. Forest Academy (S. Mikhalkov)
  67. Maritime ABC (, Uncle)
  68. Shaggy ABC (B. Zakhoder)
  69. My alphabet (that is, Rannev)
  70. Learn me to read (ABC verses) (E. Blaginina)
  71. Draw the alphabet (that is, Zhdanov)
  72. Vegetable alphabet (A. Churilov)
  73. From sharks to IDE (Yu Parfenov)
  74. From argali to lizards (S. Parfenov)
  75. Papa's ABC (M. Schwartz)
  76. Parade of circus ABC) (Century Berestov)
  77. Imitation of the English alphabet (n Cherfas)
  78. Marching letters (, Grubin)
  79. Song-ABC (B. Zakhoder)
  80. About circus (ABC) (L. Yakovlev)
  81. Plants from a to z - dosage the word! (E. Grigorieva, V., Lanzetti)
  82. Family letter "E" (I. Bokova)
  83. Family letters "L" (I. Bokova)
  84. Family letter "O" (I. Bokova)
  85. Family letter "P" (I. Bokova)
  86. Family letters "P" (I. Bokova)
  87. Family letters "T" (I. Bokova)
  88. Family letter "X" (I. Bokova)
  89. Fairy alphabet (So Shatsky)
  90. Funny alphabet (I. Novikova)
  91. An edible alphabet (A. Metzger)
  92. Chistogovorki (I. Kryukov)
  93. The Miracle Of The Alphabet (N. Marenin)
  94. Puppy classes (M Yasnov)

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