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The names of the authors

  1. March 8 (N. Ivanova)
  2. March 8 (I. Koval)
  3. 8 March (L. Ogurtsova)
  4. 8 March (A. parachin)
  5. 9 March (C. Makhotin)
  6. And what do you have? (S. Mikhalkov)
  7. 'Buela (Year Head)
  8. Grandmother (E. Alexandrov)
  9. Grandmother (I. Lavrov) Humorous poem title=
  10. Grandmother (L. Ogurtsova)
  11. Grandmother (I. Pivovarova)
  12. Grandma knits (I. sugareva)
  13. Grandmother and granddaughters (A. Pleshcheyev)
  14. My grandmother (E. Sanitary)
  15. Grandma, you're too little was?.. (A. Pleshcheyev)
  16. Grandma, I love you (A. Metzger)
  17. My Grandmother (N. Ivanova)
  18. Granny's swing (I. Petukhov)
  19. Grandma's hands (L. Kvitka)
  20. Without my mother (E. Serova) Humorous poem title=
  21. Take care of the mother (that is, Rannev)
  22. Take care mothers (R. Gamzatov)
  23. Bouquet for mom (that is, Rannev)
  24. Mother's day (e.g. Lugsdin)
  25. An important meeting, or What to give mothers (K. Avdeenko)
  26. Vase of flowers (So Sharygina)
  27. Option a good mother (A. Barto)
  28. A great feeling! At each door (N. Nekrasov)
  29. In the evening with my mother (G. Lebedev)
  30. The taste of milk (F. Aliyev)
  31. Magic spring (I. Gurin)
  32. The eighth of March (A. Goltsev)
  33. The eighth of March (Century Gudimov)
  34. That would be like the mother (M Sadowski)
  35. Now check yourself! (I. Petukhov)
  36. Like that time! (I. Petukhov)
  37. All moms bored so live (Century Egorov) Humorous poem title=
  38. All she (I. Kosyakov)
  39. Everything louder voice darling (M. Karim)
  40. Guests (E. Serov)
  41. Grishiny gifts (O. Vysotskaya)
  42. Two grandmothers (A. Barto)
  43. Our dear mother (O. Vysotskaya)
  44. Daughter (So Sharygina)
  45. There are different mothers (N. Samoniy)
  46. Iron health (O. Bondar)
  47. Women's day (N. Ivanova)
  48. Ill grandmother (A. Starikov)
  49. Taking care of my grandmother (I. Petukhov)
  50. Tomorrow is mothers day (Century. Katowicki)
  51. Great grandmother (C. Danchenko)
  52. The conversation with my son (A. Lubina)
  53. Play in the school play (Acting Bunder)
  54. Inventor (A. Shibaev)
  55. March 8 (N. Volkova) the Cycle of poems
  56. Every day (E. Alexandrov)
  57. Each in their own mother will congratulate (M Evensen)
  58. As the mother machine chose (O. Bondar)
  59. How can we be? (A. Metzger)
  60. How will strike a birdhouse... (z Verkhovskaya)
  61. As well together with my grandmother (E. Kravchenko)
  62. What kind of mother (O. Bondar)
  63. When I grow up (PU Weisbecker) Humorous poem title=
  64. Lullabies for mother (O. Bondar)
  65. What (I.e. Rannev)
  66. Beautiful mother (O. Bondar)
  67. Who makes the spring? (O. Bondar)
  68. Who plays? (A. Shibaev)
  69. Who loved all? (Because Kobilinsky)
  70. Who helps her mother? (N. Volkova)
  71. Shaggy gift (I. Petukhov)
  72. Favorite General (I. Petukhov)
  73. Where mom, where I (O. Dreze)
  74. Little mother (I. Koval)
  75. The Mother (I.e. The Mayor)
  76. Mama (F. Aliyev)
  77. Mother (R. Gamzatov)
  78. Mama (, Denikina)
  79. Mother (Doctor Gain)
  80. Mother (E. Yevtushenko)
  81. Mother (As Kobilinsky)
  82. Mother (M Lukonin)
  83. Inseparable mother (L. Ogurtsova)
  84. Mother (D. Popov)
  85. Mama (A. Prokofiev)
  86. Mom (So Snezhina)
  87. Mother (L. Tatianicheva)
  88. Mom on a business trip (O. Bondar)
  89. My dear mom, I love you!..
  90. Mom is my favorite one (So Sharygina)
  91. Mom sings (A. Barto)
  92. Mom, why? (G. Vieru)
  93. The Mother (N. Antonova)
  94. Mom (Brailovsky,)
  95. Mom... (A. Lubina)
  96. Mom (Century. Sugreeva)
  97. Mom
  98. My mother's voice (So Sharygina)
  99. Mother's day (that is, Blaginina)
  100. Mother's day (G. Vieru)
  101. Mother's day (N. Kapustik)
  102. Mother's day (M Sadowski)
  103. Mother's day (M Sadowski) (2)
  104. Mother's day (M Takhistov)
  105. Mother's day (So Sharygina)
  106. My mother's defender (A. Starikov Humorous poem title=
  107. Mother's report (O. Bondar)
  108. My mother's portrait (G. Vieru)
  109. Mom's holiday (Century. Katowicki)
  110. My mother's work I... (M Grotowski) Humorous poem title=
  111. Mother's love (N. Samoniy)
  112. Mother's prayer (A. Pleshcheyev)
  113. My mother's eyes (E. Kravchenko)
  114. My mother's palm (N. Krasilnikov)
  115. My mother's profession (N. Kindness)
  116. My mother's hands (L. Ogurtsova)
  117. My mother's hands (So Sharygina)
  118. Mammoth (O. Trushin)
  119. Mommy (U. Rajab)
  120. Mommy sweetheart (I.e. Stukalova)
  121. Mom (from the son 7-10 years) (N. Ivanova)
  122. The Mother (N. Maidanik)
  123. Mom - present (Acting Chusovitina)
  124. Mom - gifts (E.V. Orlova)
  125. Mommy congratulate (L. Kazakova)
  126. March (S. Kozlov)
  127. March (Yu Korinets)
  128. Mother (I. Bunin)
  129. Mother (R. Gamzatov)
  130. Mother (A. Twardowski)
  131. Mother (Q. Kedrin)
  132. Mother and son (A. Twardowski)
  133. The month of March. The number of p... (Century. eagles)
  134. Mila-helper (I. Gurin)
  135. Cute voice (O. Trushin)
  136. A mother's prayer (A. Yashin)
  137. My grandmother (I. Gurin)
  138. My grandmother (S. Kaputikyan)
  139. My grandmother (S. Kaputikyan) (2)
  140. My grandmother (A. Markov)
  141. My grandmother (R. Christmas) Humorous poem title=
  142. My mom (F. Aliyev)
  143. My mom (because Kobilinsky)
  144. My mom (C. Rusu)
  145. My mother (N. Skanska)
  146. My mom is like spring...
  147. My mother is a doctor (G. Vieru)
  148. My mother is a teacher (G. Vieru)
  149. My mom (Century Samchenko)
  150. We and mother (PU Weisbecker)
  151. On the eighth of March, the mother (N. Kapustik)
  152. In the kitchen (M Takhistov)
  153. On the feast of the mother! (A. Metzger)
  154. His cheeks had moms...
  155. Comes my mother's holiday (So Volgin)
  156. Our mothers are the most beautiful (M plackowski)
  157. Not aging thy beauty (A. Twardowski)
  158. About the mummy (L. Kasimov)
  159. About the bad and the Holy (E. Asadov)
  160. New Clothes (O. Bondar)
  161. Origami mother (N. Samoniy)
  162. Memory (N. Krasilnikov)
  163. Dad mom a cake brought... (E. Kahn) Humorous poem title=
  164. Song for mom (I. Rasulova)
  165. Song for mom (L. Ogurtsova)
  166. Song of the mother (I. Shapiro)
  167. Song funny kids (I. Grosheva)
  168. Cock
  169. A letter to my grandmother (I. Petukhov)
  170. Letter to mother (S. Esenin)
  171. Give grandmothers (M Lukashkin)
  172. Gift (Year Head)
  173. Gift (N. Kirkina)
  174. Gift grandmother (So Sharygina)
  175. Gift for all (I. Petukhov)
  176. Gift for the mother (So Volgin)
  177. Gift for the mother (A. Passov)
  178. Gift for the mother (L. Smirnov)
  179. Gift for the mother (B. Stepanov)
  180. Gift for the mother (A. Usachev)
  181. Gift for the mother (O. Chusovitina)
  182. Wishes for mom
  183. Congratulations (O. Bondar)
  184. Congratulation sister (N. Maidanik)
  185. Greeting song (E. Uspensky)
  186. Congratulations grandma (D. Sokolov)
  187. Congratulation for girls (D. Sokolov)
  188. Birthday wishes for mom (D. Sokolov)
  189. Congratulations to the class mates (couplets) (D. Sokolov) Humorous poem title=
  190. Congratulations on March 8 (D. Sokolov)
  191. Congratulations to the Women's day! (So Sharygina)
  192. Help grandma (Century Korkin)
  193. Assistant (I. Gurin)
  194. Assistant
  195. Try it yourself! (C. Pogorelsky)
  196. Sit in silence (that is, Blaginina)
  197. Why mother is not growing? (N. Shemyakin)
  198. Honor me, mom! (I. Tokmakova)
  199. Holiday grandmothers and mothers (I.e. Kurganova)
  200. Holiday moms (Century Berestov)
  201. About grandmothers! (I. Gurin)
  202. About the girls (O. Bondar)
  203. About mom (E. Kurganova)
  204. He thought mom... (Klangregie)
  205. A simple word (I. Mannin)
  206. Wake up in the dark... (Century Berestov)
  207. Please (I. Grosheva)
  208. The Conversation (I. Petukhov)
  209. Talk about the mother (N. Skanska)
  210. Colorful gift (P. Sinyavsky)
  211. Rocket (G. Vieru)
  212. Early spring (L. Agrachev)
  213. Eyelashes (G. Vieru)
  214. Hands that softer snow (N. Samoniy)
  215. On March 8! (E. Kravchenko)
  216. Happy 8th of March (T. Shapiro)
  217. With mom... (B. Kosarev)
  218. Mom in the city (C. Wheat)
  219. Light month (Century Peacocks)
  220. Sister (N. Ivanova)
  221. Athletes (O. Bondar)
  222. Tales to listen I love (O. Chusovitina)
  223. How many stars in the clear sky!.. (G Demkina)
  224. The word mother (I. Lavrov)
  225. A word about the mother (E. Asadov)
  226. Owl (O. Bondar)
  227. Thank you mom (Century Viktorov)
  228. Would become the mother of the girl (that is, Rannev)
  229. Poems about mom (C. Asinina)
  230. Poems about mom (O. Chusovitina)
  231. Surprise (P. Sinyavsky) Humorous poem title=
  232. Aunt Kate (I. Vesselinova)
  233. You look, mom... (So Dibrova)
  234. From whom we learn kindness? (M Sadowski)
  235. Surprised (B. Zakhoder) Humorous poem title=
  236. Smile mom (So Sharygina)
  237. Crafty Mama (C. Pogorelsky) Humorous poem title=
  238. Brave mother (E. Asadov)
  239. The colour of spring (Century. Katowicki)
  240. Flowers (I. Grosheva)
  241. What would mom be surprised? (N. Kirkina)
  242. What smells mother (O. Bondar)
  243. What is more important to mothers? (I. Aseeva)
  244. What to do with my mother? (That Is, Rannev)
  245. What a day? (N. Ivanova)
  246. What is happiness? (M Yasnov)
  247. Miracles (I. Grosheva)
  248. Miracle (I. Gurin)
  249. Exam (I. Petukhov)
  250. These are good, these cute... (Ya Belinsky)
  251. This mother (that is, Rannev)
  252. All day, I didn't cry... (N. Zlobina)
  253. I am the mother of love (M. Davydov)
  254. I don't cry In Ladonia)
  255. I'm not a prankster (as Kobilinsky)
  256. At night I sometimes had trouble dragging... (R. Gamzatov)
  257. I remember the hands of my mother... (N. Rybenkov)
  258. Bullseye (I.e. Stukalova)

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