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  1. "September 1" (A. Usachev)
  2. August 31 (Century. Codran)
  3. On the first day of early autumn (I. Mukhin, V. Boyarinov)
  4. In the first class (A. Metzger)
  5. In the first class (A. parachin)
  6. In the first class (C. Ragulina)
  7. On the last day of summer... (I.e. the Mayor)
  8. In school (H. Alexandrov)
  9. In school (A. Barto)
  10. In school (I. Tapdig)
  11. The school uniform (A. Shibaev)
  12. An important reason (L. cadava)
  13. Important day (S. Mikhalkov)
  14. The whole country was waiting was not in vain.
  15. Second graders
  16. The performance of first graders (E. Bolshakov)
  17. Proud, elegant...
  18. Sad maples have fences... (I. Demyanov)
  19. Two and three (B. Zakhoder)
  20. Knowledge day (mostly Poles)
  21. The day of knowledge (A. Goltsev)
  22. The day of knowledge (E. Kravchenko)
  23. Tomorrow first class! (M Kazarin)
  24. Tomorrow, tomorrow! In good waiting... (N. Kapustik)
  25. Tomorrow morning (L. Forty)
  26. The bell rings (M. Cherniavsky)
  27. Calls (A. Barto)
  28. Hello, school! (N. Knushevitsky)
  29. Hello, school! (A. Marukin)
  30. And again in gilt poplar
  31. As I walked in the school (e.g Dancevic)
  32. Stationery tale (M. Boroditsky)
  33. Who are accepted into the school? (A. Usachev)
  34. Little schoolgirl (N. Scored)
  35. Mom or I? (A. Barto)
  36. Mom's hand leading (N. Kapustik)
  37. We preschoolers were
  38. We have no kids (N. Kapustik)
  39. Impatience (L. Cadava)
  40. New school (N. Naidenov)
  41. Edicin house (I. Demyanov)
  42. The first of September (A. Design)
  43. The first of September (M. Bartenev)
  44. The first of September (Century Berestov)
  45. The first of September (M. Boroditsky)
  46. The first of September (N. Kapustik)
  47. The first of September (E. Kravchenko)
  48. The first of September (Yu Moritz)
  49. The first of September (s Oleksiak)
  50. The first of September (M. Sadovsky)
  51. The first of September (P. Kanevsky)
  52. The first of September (E. Uspensky)
  53. First-class history (C. Asinina)
  54. The First Grader (M. Boroditsky)
  55. The First Grader (E. Kravchenko)
  56. First Graders (Century. Codran)
  57. The First Grader (N. Ivanova)
  58. The First Grader (A. Markov)
  59. First class guys (A. Strollo)
  60. The First Form (I. Grosheva)
  61. The first first-graders
  62. The first day of the calendar (S. Marshak)
  63. The first time (L. cadava)
  64. First time in first class (I. Bokova)
  65. First time in first class (R. Farhadi)
  66. First time in first class
  67. The first lesson (A. Barto)
  68. Congratulations with the new school year
  69. Pulled the kids to school in the morning...
  70. Holiday September (B. Stepanov)
  71. Festive morning (I. Safonov)
  72. The knapsack on his shoulders... (I. Mukhin, V. Boyarinov)
  73. On the Day of knowledge! (I. Aseeva)
  74. With the New School year!
  75. With the first of September! (Century Berestov)
  76. September (I. Mannin)
  77. September (I. Tokmakova)
  78. Heard good news? (I. Tokmakova)
  79. Missed school (M. Borisov)
  80. Become literate (A. Barto)
  81. Poems first graders
  82. Exact score (R. Aldonin)
  83. Three roads (Century Berestov)
  84. The autumn has a wonderful view
  85. Amazing bouquet (C. Wheat)
  86. What will happen to me in school (Century Moruga)
  87. What is school? (L. Cadava)
  88. Miracle-student (L. cadava)
  89. School sketches (Century Berestov)
  90. I see happy eyes...
  91. I grew up (A. Barto)
  92. I'm glad, now I'm a student!
  93. I now I will study! (E.g Dancevic)
  94. I'm in a hurry... (I. Pivovarova)
  95. I step in first class (A. Metzger)

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