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Dear guys! Dear parents!

Our site is not accidentally called "All for the children!" Here you will find everything (or almost everything)that you have been searching the Internet for children's activities and development!

  1. For little Riddles, Lullabies, songs, nursery rhymes, Tongue twisters, Rhymes. For the rest, not only pleasant but also useful - Puzzle, puzzles, crosswords, mazes, danette.

  2. We present you the most complete in Runet collection of Colorings on all sorts of topics.

  3. Those guys who wants to learn to draw, addressed our online drawing lessons. For young artists and designers - section of children's pictures, and to get acquainted with the masterpieces of the world fine art - Art gallery. For the processing of children's photos in Photoshop offers a collection of templates and clipart. And if your child has his computer, he necessarily needs their baby desktop Wallpapers and avatars.

  4. For older children - a huge collection of tests for girls, encyclopedia of different crafts from a variety of materials.

  5. For the curious - sections "Research library", "pochemuchka" (questions and answers), "mathematical problems", stories about animals and the Handbook of the birds, informative stories on metals, entertaining physics and the Home laboratory.

  6. To help learning the native language of Children's poetry, encyclopedia of idioms, the section 's mother tongue teaching, as well as nursery rhymes, rhymes, Proverbs, tongue twisters, riddles.

  7. In the section "Music" - a lot of collections of children's songs. In this section, the guys can get acquainted with the biographies and works of great composers, play musical games, independent study music education.

  8. And yet - culinary book with fun recipes for delicious dishes that you can prepare yourself or with the help of parents for any holiday or just for fun.

  9. To have fun - gamesthat you can play on the website, the Handbook of mobile games, tricks, stereograms and classes for kids. And yet - Children's humor.

  10. And, of course, the tale! But not simple, and in pictures (filmstrips, which can be viewed online and read together with their children), as well as audioskazki and musicthat can be played directly on the website or download.

And that's not all!
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We, the creators of the site, did it for ourselves and our children to acquaint them with what was interesting in childhood ourselves with what we loved, and also to collect in one place the best that has been created for children in the world culture. We are not the authors of most of the designs and materials that introduce you. We only collect them and processed for more convenient use. And we hope that our site will be useful and interesting not only to our children but to all children and their parents!

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