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Oleg Bondar

The author is O. BondarFrom the author.
"Visiting the polar bear" is the book that I wrote after my wonderful trip to the North pole. But the main character of this book is not a polar bear. Importantly, won - unique, vast, endless Arctic, its ice expanses, its silence and Shine in the midst of the polar day. And the polar bear is the owner of the Arctic, its guardian and protector. But alas, he would not be able to protect and keep her - man hosts. Our visit was one-hundredth of all icebreakers in the world. A hundred times in there a hundred times back breakers broke the ice ocean.
At the North pole temperatures much higher than in the South. This is due to the huge water masses of the Arctic ocean. Salt water does not freeze, although its temperature drops to -2°. And non-freezing water does not provide frost to swartwout, because at the North pole 30-40 degrees below zero, on the South - up to 70-80, because Antarctica is on land. And what icebreakers break ice of the ocean affects the climate of the Arctic, warming...
Here I put some stories from the new book. The entire book can be read on my website:

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